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Getting Started with MIC Voicemail

Voicemail Setup

  1. Dial into the system using extension 2555
  2. The prompt will ask you for your passcode. The initial passcode consists of the 4 digits on the phone kaypad which correspond with the first four letters of the user's first name.  (For those whose first name contains less than 4 letters, the passcode consists of the user's first name and additional letters from the user's last name until a total of 4 characters is reached.)                            
  3. The prompts will then walk you through the setup process to change your passcode, record your name, and record a greeting. Please be prepared to record your greeting at this initial login.
  4. Once you have gone through the setup process you will be taken to the main menu and may hang up. Your new MIC voicemail box is now setup.

Passcode examples:

Example #1:  User's first name = Bill, passcode=2455   Example #2:  User's name=Jo Smith, passcode=5676

Voicemail Retrieval

Phone interface (extension 2555)

  • To access voicemail through the phone, first dial extension 2555
  • From your phone you can immediately enter your passcode, from another phone you can press * to enter your extension to log in.
  • The prompts will guide you through checking your messages. To see all of the options look at the MIC Quick Reference Card.

Web interface (

  1. To access voicemail through the web interface go to
  2. Login using your extension in the user name field, then enter your MIC passcode
  3. Click on the voicemail to open and listen to it.


    The Windows Media Player for FireFox does not play back .wav file format (the file format used by the web voicemail). You may install an alternate player like VLC from the Application Catalog
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