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Intel AMT Error

Intel AMT Error

Intel AMT is hardware and firmware technology that builds certain functionalities into business PCs in order to make the PCs easier and less expensive for businesses to monitor, maintain, update, upgrade, and repair. Intel AMT is part of the Intel Management Engine, which is built into PCs with Intel vPro technology. Intel AMT is designed into a secondary processor located on the motherboard.

Intel has been known to cause some errors with the Dell Optiplex 755 which we use here at Indiana Wesleyan. Check the application error log for Intel AMT if the following occurs:

1. A computer starts to have black lines appear on the screen, slowly turning the screen completely black and eventually shutting off the computer.

2. A computer screen suddenly turns black then eventually restarts.

(Note: A restart may not occur in every instance.)


To resolve this issue is rather simple. Go to Start, Run, and type msconfig. Under the Services tab, uncheck every instance of Intel AMT(there may be more than one. Then, go to start up and uncheck the start up application atchk.exe. Restart the computer and this issue should now be resloved.

To learn more about Intel AMT visit

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