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Microsoft Software Assurance

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To resolve the issue, follow the steps in this section.

  1. Go to support.microsoft.com/oas
  2. Choose the product by either entering the name in the box or by choosing from the lists shown.

2015-09-30 14_40_36-Products.png

3. Now choose the specific product

2015-09-30 14_41_00-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_oaspworkflow=start_1.0.0.0&wf=0&w.png

4. Choose the Problem Type

2015-10-01 15_41_10-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

5. Choose the Category

2015-10-01 15_45_16-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

6. If you are wanting to open a support incidence, click on Start Request

2015-10-01 15_46_53-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

7. Choose the payment option "Use my Software Assurance Agreement"

2015-10-01 15_52_41-microsoft software assurance process.docx - Microsoft Word.png

8. Enter the Software Assurance ID#

9. Enter either brian.israel@indwes.edu or ev.webber@indwes.edu

2015-10-01 15_57_12-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

10. If needed, edit the telephone number where you can be reached at

11. Select the region or country

12. Press Continue

2015-10-01 15_59_27-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

13. Enter the Incident Title and the details of the issue

2015-10-01 16_02_39-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

14. Choose the Severity

15. If applicable, attach required files

16. Submit

2015-10-01 16_02_59-https___support.microsoft.com_en-us_getsupport_wf=0&tenant=ClassicCommercial&oas.png

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