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Affirmative Action


Indiana Wesleyan University cherishes the rich diversity of God’s creation and actively strives to mirror the diversity of the surrounding labor force in its employment.  Accordingly, IWU will take proactive steps to increase and promote the number of minorities and females in its workforce.

Indiana Wesleyan University affirms its position as a Christian university of the liberal arts and asserts its rights to employ persons who subscribe to the intent, mission, and doctrinal position stated in the university catalog.

The President, the Administrative Officers, and all persons who have hiring authority will maintain and implement personnel policies and practices to assure that affirmative action/equal opportunity is being actively implemented and that no employee or applicant for employment or promotion shall suffer any form of discrimination.


This policy applies to all employees of the University.


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Policy information

Employee Policy     300.00.05


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Chief Financial Officer

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