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Calling for an Emergency Vehicle


If you find you are in an emergency situation Monday through Friday during the daytime and need to call 911 for the fire department, ambulance, or police, the following procedure should be used.


* * *

_____ Stay Calm


_____ Designate a person to call 9-911. Give details quickly and accurately. Give directions to your location, if needed.


_____ Call Campus Police at extension 4911 and advise the officer on duty of the situation.


_____ Immediately have someone call Facilities Services at extension 2313.

Say “I have a CODE 1, I have called 911 and an emergency vehicle is on its way.” Give the exact location where you need them. (When building doors are numbered, we will give the number of the door they are to enter.) This person will radio a Facilities Services employee to meet and escort the emergency vehicle to the exact location.


_____ Send a staff member to your nearest outside door to watch for the emergency team and guide them into your             building or the area of need.


_____ Prepare your area the best you can for entrance by the ambulance team. Make room for their cart and equipment.


_____ Write down vital information:


            -Patient’s name

-Phone number of family member to contact

            -Any allergies, medical illnesses, medications?


_____ Keep notes as things occur (example: time, patient’s symptoms, complaints, color, breathing). Keep this brief and             give to EMT or officer on arrival.


* * *

Please keep this information highly accessible for quick reference. We recommend each office have a plan of action. Practice with staff, assigning who would perform each duty.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Melford at extension 2201 or Campus Police at extension 4911.


This policy applies to all the employees of the University.


19-Mar-2015 - Date conversion to KB


Policy information

Employee Policy 300.06.02


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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