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Criteria for Assignment of Classification Level


Each position has been reviewed and placed on the salary structure based upon the following criteria:


Job-Related Compensable Factors:




Measures the level and breadth of focused thinking required to achieve critical results.  This factor includes elements such as constructive action, problem-solving, creative thinking, innovation, impact, analysis, interpretation and critical judgment necessary for effective decision-making.


Resource Management


Measures the level and breadth of responsibility for resource planning and utilization of human, fiscal, technical, and/or physical resources and the level of accountability required to achieve successful results.


Knowledge and Expertise


Measures the level and breadth of knowledge, skill, training and/or experience required to perform the responsibilities of the position.  This factor encompasses the information essential to perform the job, whether acquired through formal education, experience or self-learning.  The focus is on the minimum level of knowledge and skill necessary for effective performance of the basis duties and responsibilities of the position, regardless of the qualifications of the incumbent.




Measures the ability to affect results through working relationships and communication.  This factor includes the complexity, diversity or interactions and degree of influence in the job along with the level of collaboration, teamwork and community involvement necessary to succeed.


Work Environment


Measures the internal and external conditions under which the functions of the position are performed and the potential impact on results.  This factor includes exposure to physical discomfort, hazardous situations, noise, travel, frequent interruptions, critical deadlines, workload stress, etc.


Other Criteria:

·  The extent of previous experience desired

·  The demand for similar positions in the external market.

·  The consideration of internal integrity and equity within the salary structure.



Indiana Wesleyan University provides generous assistance for the completion of additional education through the Tuition Benefits policy.  IWU encourages its employees to seek degrees and professional certifications, but does not intend for any automatic compensation increases upon the completion of the degree or certificate.  Employees are selected into their positions based on the job they perform and how that position compares to market data.  If a position requires a particular degree or certification as noted in the job description, then the University (at its discretion) may issue a Memorandum of Understanding at the time of hire to compensate the prospective candidate at a lower rate until the required degree or certification is completed.  If a position only prefers a particular degree or certification, then there are no pay increases for attaining the degree or certification.  This policy only applies to administrative and hourly employees.  Faculty degree attainment and resulting compensation is administered through the academic affairs offices of the University.


This policy applies to all employees of the University.


17-Mar-2015 - Date conversion to KB.


Policy information

Employee Policy 300.01.03


Executive Director of Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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