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Definitions of Employment Status


Full-Time:                    An employee that is hired and scheduled to work at least 32 hours or more per week for an                                              indefinite duration.  Positions working full-time hours are benefit eligible. IWU will comply with all

                                      applicable laws related to the Affordable Care Act.



Part-Time:                    An employee that is hired and scheduled to work less than 32 hours per week for an indefinite                                         duration.  Employees working less than 32 hours per week are not eligible for benefits.


Temporary:                  A contracted or direct hire that works part-time or full-time hours for a period not to exceed 6                                           months.  Temporary positions are not benefit eligible.


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):


                                    A federal law that specifies guidelines for overtime eligibility and child labor standards.


Exempt:                       Executive, professional and administrative employees who are paid on a salary basis, and who                                       are not eligible for overtime pay, in accordance with the FLSA.


Non-Exempt:                Generally includes those positions that are not executive, professional or administrative.                                                             Employees in these positions are eligible for overtime compensation, in accordance with the                                                 FLSA.


Administrative:             An exempt employee paid on a salary basis.


Hourly:                         A non-exempt employee paid on a hourly basis.


Faculty Status:             A designation given to administrative positions that exist for the primary purpose of administering                                                 or leading an academic program or student service for the university,  and/or supervising faculty                                      members.  Administrative employees with faculty status may attend all faculty meetings, retreat                                       and other functions and may vote and participate fully. The President’s Cabinet shall have final                                          authority over the granting of faculty status.


The title of a position does not determine eligibility for exempt status.  Only the duties and requirements of a position determine the FLSA status.  Questions regarding employment status may be addressed to the supervisor or Human Resources Department.



This policy applies to all employees of the University.


17-Mar-2015 - Date conversion to KB


Policy information

Employee Policy 300.01.04


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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