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In Process - Social Media Policy


Social media sites are effective tools of communication.  The following serves as guidelines in its use.

General Information:

Social media refers to a group of Internet-based applications that allow creation of user-generated information.  Examples of social media are:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

This is a changing and expanding field but the intent of this policy is to protect sensitive information.  Distribution of this information is protected under HIPAA and FERPA whether using traditional methods of communication or social media. 

Our students, faculty and employees represent Indiana Wesleyan and should be aware of the impact of their use of communication forms available.


  • Follow copyright and fair use laws
  • Follow FERPA , HIPPA and student's privacy guidelines for Personally Identifiable Info re students.
  • Internal conversations about university concerns are considered private unless permission to share is granted.
  • Follow University Lifestyle pledge guidelines.  Your association with the Universty should reflect these standards.
    • Language and slander points need to be made.
  • Do not use University logos on any sites without permission.
  • Equal opportunity concerns are to be covered.  Do not use ethnic slurs, insults, pornographic images or obscenities.
  • Students are not to videotape professors or other students without express written permission.



Additional Information:

You are legally liable for what you post. 

Future employers are increasingly using web searches when filling positions.  What you posted several years ago may be viewed by someone today. 

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