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SSN Guidelines


These guidelines reflect the University's process to monitor the use of Social Security Number

Statement of Usage

Indiana Wesleyan University strives to ensure the proper handling of Social Security Numbers (SSN) and PII (Personal Identify Information) for its employees, students and associated individuals.  This is to protect the students, staff and faculty from the risk of identity theft.  The SSN is not to be used as a common identifier or database key in any electronic information system.  The SSN will be used where necessary for employment records, financial aid records and a limited number of other transactions.


  1. The full SSN has been masked for most users.  Viewing the full SSN is a privilege that is determined by the responsibilities of the position.  Here are some reasons why an employee might need access to view the full SSN:
    • The employee adds new person records in the database
    • The employee updates person records in the database
    • The employee must verify student records by using the SSN
    • The employee is in a position (such as Payroll or HR) where the SSN is a vital piece of information
  2. Security Officers have the responsibility of requesting permission to view the full SSN for employees in their area.  
  3. Security Officers must submit a new Colleague Security Request form for each person who needs this access.  Instructions on submitting the form can be found in the KB
  4. Submitted requests move through the Colleague Security workflow and are archived.  They are searchable by all of the indexing values on the form: ID number, employee name, category and date created.
  5. Each year, a report of all SSN viewers will be given to Security Officers for review.  Security Officers will submit requests for any changes that need to be made.


Created February 2018 - waiting to be approved by the IDSC.

Policy Information

Employee Policy -         400.06.01


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