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Employment Standards


IWU Employment Standards for all employees.

Indiana Wesleyan University seeks to employ persons who endorse its educational mission and whose personal and professional lives reflect the following qualities:

  • A belief in and commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith as these are revealed in the historic witness of the Bible and confirmed by the contemporary ministry of the Holy Spirit;
  • A vitality of Christian experience with a maturing insight application, and an appreciation for differing points of view;
  • An evident competence and a commitment to the development of one's abilities;
  • A commitment to liberal arts education and the preparation to serve in an environment of purposeful, rigorous inquiry;
  • A capability by temperament, preparation and will to support students as they confront the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of their lives;
  • A sensitivity to and support for the ethos and traditions of the campus community.


12-Feb-2015 - Date converted to Knowledge Base.


Policy information

Employee Policy       300.00.01


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Chief Financial Officer

Additional remarks

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