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Acceptable Technology Use Policy


Master document regarding Indiana Wesleyan University policies


Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) provides technology systems for the purposes of educating university students, promoting academic research, communicating with university constituents, and administering the daily business of IWU.  Technology systems are widely used throughout the institution, both in a direct academic environment and in an administrative support role.  It is the desire of IWU that technology systems provided by the university be used in a manner that reflects the goals and mission of Indiana Wesleyan.   These policies have been established to promote an environment that is safe and secure for all constituents and encourage employees to act in a professional and responsible manner.

All technology usage at Indiana Wesleyan University is a part of community life and therefore the Community Lifestyle Statement applies.


****See the full Employee Email Usage Policy at ****

E-mail messages cannot be considered private and may be monitored by management. Such messages also may be subject to disclosure to outside third parties, including the court system and law enforcement agencies, under certain circumstances. E-mail messages are not encrypted and can be viewed by anyone on the internet with the intention, ability and equipment to do so. 

Microsoft Exchange is our Email Management application.  The following email clients have been tested and are supported by University Information Technology (UIT) support services for user access to their email:  MS Outlook, Vista Mail, Outlook Express, Entourage, and Mac Mail.  Outlook access via a browser will be supported on MS Explorer and Firefox,

Technology Equipment

Technology equipment provided by the University is the property of IWU, and as such IWU retains the right to remove, reallocate, or change equipment at its discretion.  No information residing on any computer hardware owned by IWU should be considered private and therefore is subject to review by a direct supervisor or appropriate staff from UIT at the request of management. 


It is the responsibility of employees to report lost, damaged or stolen electronic equipment to appropriate campus personnel (supervisor, campus police, UIT).  At the discretion of University leadership, the employee may be held liable for costs associated with negligence on their part.

Computer Software

The installation and/or removal of software applications on computing devices is a significant determinant to its performance.  Accordingly, UIT must be notified of change requests and will service a request by either authorizing an employee to initiate a change, or provide the support personnel required for service.  The UIT call center can be reached at extension 2209.


All software installed or downloaded must be registered to IWU.  Under no circumstance does the installation of software on a university provided computer include exclusive rights to that software.  At the request of a direct supervisor, software may be uninstalled and or moved to another computer at any time.


Users are responsible for complying with copyright law and applicable licenses that apply to software, files, documents, messages and other material they wish to download or copy.  Proprietary materials belonging to entities other than Indiana Wesleyan University should not be transmitted by employees on the university’s e-mail system or via the University’s Internet connection. All employees obtaining access to any material prepared or created by another company or individual must respect any attached copyrights and may not copy, retrieve, modify or forward such copyrighted materials, except with written permission of the lawful owner. Employees receiving electronic files via the Indiana Wesleyan University’s e-mail system or Internet connection should ensure the sender is the lawful owner or has obtained the necessary license.


Printing equipment is available throughout the university and its many regional locations for the purpose of academic and administrative use.  It is expected that any document printed is in response to the duties and responsibilities of that position.  If a document is printed for personal use, reimbursement should be made to the appropriate departmental budget at a rate of 5 cents per black and white copy and 10 cents per color copy. 

 IWU operates and maintains a commercial printing department (Print Shop, Maxwell 140, ext. 2212) for any printing project that is large in nature (more than 100 pages) or has special printing needs.  The UIT Print Shop offers color copy services, offset printing, high-speed black & white digital copies, wide format poster printing, lamination, CD duplication, as well as bindery options and professional design services. All outsourced printing should be coordinated through the UIT Print Shop to utilize their expertise and leverage volume efficiencies. 


 Telephone Usage

Phone sets have become complex devices with considerable cost and as such it should be treated in the same manner computer equipment is treated. In the event any long distance charges are associated with a call for non-IWU related business, reimbursement must be made to the appropriate office budget at the rate of 10 cents per minute.

Cell Phones & Pagers
****See the full cell phone and pager policy at ****

Domain Name Registrations

Any domain names intended to represent Indiana Wesleyan University to the world via the Internet should be obtained through UIT.  Under no circumstances should hosting services for IWU owned domain names be contracted with outside agencies without the knowledge and support of UIT.

Computer and Network Access:

Employees shall not access files or retrieve any digitally stored information unless authorized to do so.  Employees shall not attempt to gain access to another employees electronic or telephone communications without permission unless authorized by IWU for the purposes of auditing or reviewing communications on behalf of the University.  Examples of activities that are inappropriate include commercial use for personal gain; attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computers or networks; and use of an account on a shared computer or network other than the one assigned to the user.

 Remote Use

Employees who connect to the IWU data network via remote means like VPN or FTP, are subject to the contents of this policy.  This applies to any computer connecting to IWU regardless of who owns the computer. 

 Exclusive Property:

All equipment, services and technologies provided to employees as part of Indiana Wesleyan University’s computer system constitute the exclusive property of Indiana Wesleyan University. Similarly, all information composed, transmitted, received or stored via the IWU computer system is also considered the property of Indiana Wesleyan University. As such, all stored information is subject to disclosure to management, law enforcement and other third parties, with or without notice to the employee. Accordingly, employees must ensure that all information communicated via IWU’s computer system is accurate, appropriate, ethical and serves a legitimate business purpose.

Internet Usage:

****See the full employee internet usage policy at:****


Electronic Publishing
Employees engaged in any form of digital publication (Web 2.0) via the internet must abide by all stated IWU policies regarding conduct, including the community lifestyle statement.  These policies include intellectual property, anti-discrimination, non-disclosure, confidentiality, and anti-harassment.  Use of IWU’s logos, branding materials or any other intellectual property is strictly limited to business use and only by those who are authorized to act on IWU’s behalf.  

Policy Remedies

Individuals found to be in violation of any part of the policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Any known or suspected violations of this or any other university policy should be reported immediately to the Director of Human Resources or the respective Vice President. 





This policy will affect all university constituents.


14-Mar-2012 - This policy is a draft and is not yet in effect.

01-Jul-2008        Created

Policy Information

General Policy        400.01.05


University Information Technology - Infrastructure

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Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer


Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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