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Recording Device/Camera Phone Policy


To secure the privacy of employee, student and university information.Explanation...


In an effort to secure the privacy of employee, student and university information, IWU prohibits unauthorized use of recording devices such as cameras, camera phones, tape recorders or any other recording device which may pose a threat to employee, student and university privacy.

This policy is applicable to all employees and their visitors while on university premises.  Employees are responsible for making their visitors aware of this policy and that all recording devices should be left either at the reception area or in their vehicles.

IWU prohibits the use of camera-equipped and recording devices in research areas or in any other areas where there may be sensitive information, without prior approval from the University’s President or respective Vice President.

Employees and their visitors are prohibited from taking any camera-equipped or recording device into any University restroom, shower facility, locker room or any sick rooms at any time.

IWU reserves the right to revoke authorization at any time for any reason.  In such instances employees will be granted the opportunity to have the equipment removed from company premises.

Employees should contact their supervisor or a member of Human Resources with any questions regarding this policy.



This policy will affect employees, students and their visitors.


12-Mar-2012 - Excerpt from Employee Handbook

Policy Information

General Information    400.01.08


University Information Technology - Infrastructure

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer


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