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IT Policy Library


Once policies are approved a number is assigned to the policy.  A hierarchical classification system is used.


The first set of numbers refers to broad categories (as an example):





Academic and Curricular


Human Resources








Finance and Business Affairs


University Relations




Second set of numbers refers to subcategories:


Third set of numbers reference the specific policy number.

Current Listing For IT Policies:


400.00.00 University Information Technology Policies



400.01   General Policies

400.01.01        Access Control Permissions                                       (Review)

400.01.02        Contingency Planning Policy                                      (Draft)

400.01.03        Email Implementation and Retirement Policy (Review)

400.01.04        Policies Related to IWU Hosted Websites                  (Review)

400.01.05        Acceptable Technology Use Policy                             (Review)

400.01.06        Remote Access Policy                                                (Review)

400.01.07        Domain Name Registrations Policy                            (Review)

400.01.08        Recording Device/Camera Phone                              (Stub)

400.01.09        Printing Policy                                                             (Review)

400.01.10        Privileged Data Policy                         (Committee Formed – NA)

400.01.11        Data Retention Policy                                                 (None)

400.01.12        Social Media Conduct Policy                                      (None)

400.01.13        Password Policy                                                          (Review)


400.02   Employee Policies

400.02.01       Employee Internet Usage Policy              (posted on Family page)

400.02.02       Employee Email Usage Policy (posted on Family page review items listed in red)

            400.02.03       Cyber-Smearing and Blogging                (Employee Handbook)

            400.02.04        Mobile Communication Policy (Review)



400.02.07        Employee Exclusive Property Policy                           (Draft)

400.02.08        Employee Computer Software Policy                         (Review)

400.02.09        Employee Copyright Policy                                         (Review)

400.02.10        Employee Computer/Network Access Policy              (Review)


400.03 Faculty Policies


400.04 Student Policies

                        400.04.01        Student Acceptable Computer Usage               (posted on Wildcat)


            400.04.03        Non IWU-Wireless Policy        (posted on Wildcat and Family page)

                        400.04.04        Student Cyber-Smearing and Blogging          (see 400.02.03)

                        400.04.05        Student Use of IWU Exclusive Property Policy           (Review)

                        400.04.06        Student Internet Usage Policy                                    (Review)

                        400.04.07        Student Email Account Usage Policy                          (Review)

                        400.04.08        Student Printing Policy                                                (Review)

                        400.04.09        Student Technology Equipment Policy                       (Review)

                        400.04.10        Student Use of IWU Identity                                        (Review)

                        400.04.11        Student Use of Copyright Materials Policy                  (Review)

                        400.04.12        Student Policy Remedies                                            (Review)


400.05   Equipment Policies

                        400.05.01        Employee Cell Phone Usage Policy   (posted on Family page)

                        400.05.02        Employee Pager Usage Policy           (posted on Family page)

                        400.05.03        Flat Panel Policy                                 (posted on Family page)

                        400.05.04        Employee Technology Equipment Policy                     (Review)

                        400.05.05        Employee Telephone Usage Policy                             (Review)


400.06   Legal Policies

                        400.06.01        SSN Policy                                                                  (Draft)

                        400.06.02        Government Investigation Policy Subpoena “Duces Tecum”

                        400.06.03        Government Investigation Policy Search Warrants   

                        400.06.04        Duplication of copyrighted Material Policy                  (Print Shop)

                        400.06.05        Legal Affairs Privacy   Policy                                      (Legal Affairs)


400.07   Data Policies

                        400.07.01        Data Backup Policy                                                     (Draft)

                        400.07.02        Data Center Access Policy                                         (Draft)

                        400.07.03       Security Breach Notification Policy                              (Draft) 

                        400.07.04        Password Policy                                                          (Stub)

                        400.07.05        DropBox Policy                                                           (None)

                        400.07.06        Student Worker Account Creation                              (None)

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