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Inclement Weather & Emergency Closure


General Assumptions


Indiana Wesleyan University will make every effort to provide essential services to students, even in the cases of extreme adverse weather or other emergencies.  Therefore, the University will almost always remain open.  Under extraordinary conditions, the University may: (1) close entirely and cease operations prior to normal operating hours; (2) close during operating hours while asking essential personnel to remain and/or report; or (3) delay opening while asking essential personnel to report.


Closing decisions for the Marion campus and Regional Education Centers will be made by the appropriate representatives for each physical location.


Closing for the Entire Day

When possible, the decision and announcements will be made by 6:00 a.m.  The typical duration for an entire day closing will be from its announcement until midnight of that same day.


Closing During Normal Operating Hours

The official closure period begins when formally announced by IWU Administrative officials and the closure is lifted when similarly announced.  Closure typically involves closing for the entire academic day.  If the closure is lifted early and evening classes will be held, then those employees working 2nd and 3rd shifts will be back on their regular schedule.  Otherwise, a closure remains in effect until midnight.


Delayed Opening

When possible, the decision and announcements will be made by 6:00 a.m.


Designated Essential Employees:  Several University functions are typically open during an official closing.  Employees identified as essential personnel are expected to report to work if at all possible, unless specifically informed by their supervisor they are not required.  These employees occupy positions that support the safety, health, and well-being of students and as such are essential.  The University recognizes a condition / situation may prevent an essential employee from being able to report work during a weather emergency.  In those cases, IWU will seek alternatives to meet the immediate need.


Compensation When University is Closed


In the rare event that the University is closed or certain areas of the University are closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies beyond the University’s control, compensation for employees will be determined by the following guidelines:


Exempt Employees

Exempt employees are not paid additional compensation if they are required to work during an Emergency Closure.


Non-Exempt Employees

Non-exempt employees not required to work and whose work schedule begins during an official closing will be paid for those hours officially closed.  Employees who are at work when an official closing is declared will be sent home and paid for the balance of their scheduled hours.  Employees not scheduled to work during the day of campus closure, or scheduled to take vacation, sick time, wellness, or any leave time (disability, FMLA, etc.) will not be entitled to the provisions of this policy.  For example, employees that had previously scheduled vacation time during the closure will still be required to track the time off as vacation.


Non-exempt employees required to work during the closure will be paid straight time during the official closing period, plus additional straight time pay for actual hours worked on campus during the closure.  (Note: this does NOT include working from home.)  If the employee is not on campus working during the closure, they will receive straight time for their regularly scheduled work periods coinciding with the closure.


Non-Exempt Employees That Work From Home

Non-exempt employees scheduled to work from home will record normal working hours.  If, for any reason, the employee does not work their regularly scheduled hours at home on the closure day, vacation hours or unpaid time would need to be recorded.


Student Workers

Student employees that have lost work hours due to the closure will not be compensated while the University was shut down.  Those student workers specially called-in to assist with the emergency will be paid two times their pay rate for actual hours worked during the closure.


Compensation When University is Not Closed


Some employees may not reside near campus, but choose to live in more distant locations.  This may make travel more difficult due to varying conditions or more severe emergency levels where they live.  Employees should use their discernment in attempting to come to campus in these situations.


In the event that an employee decides they cannot make it to work due to weather conditions when the University has not declared a delay or closing, they should notify their supervisor or manager as soon as possible.   Employees who do not report to work or who leave work early without an official closing or early release will be charged the time missed.  Supervisors should be flexible on how the employee wishes to account for the time (vacation or wellness days).


This policy applies to all the employees of the University.


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