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Indiana Military Family Leave Policy




Active duty: Full-time service on active duty orders in: the armed forces of the United States; or the National Guard; for a period that exceeds eighty-nine(89) consecutive calendar days.


Armed forces of the United States: Active or reserve components of (1) the Army; (2) the Navy; (3) the Air Force; (4) the Coast Guard; (5) the Marine Corps; or (6) the Merchant Marine.


Eligible employee: An employee who

(1) has been employed by State of Indiana for at least twelve(12) months;

(2) has worked at least one thousand five hundred (1500) hours during the twelve(12) month period immediately preceding the day the leave begins; and

(3) is the spouse, parent, grandparent or sibling of a person who is ordered to active duty.


Grandparent: Biological grandparent.


National Guard: Indiana Army National Guard or Indiana Air National Guard.


Parent: A biological father or mother; an adoptive father or mother; or a court appointed guardian or custodian.


Sibling: A brother or sister by blood, half-blood, or adoption.


Spouse: A husband or wife under IC 31-11-1.




Employees are responsible for:


  • knowing the amount of his/her leave balances;
  • identifying any paid leave or compensatory time s/he requests to use during this leave;
  • requesting leave only for appropriate uses and at appropriate times; and
  • complying with all requirements for securing leave.


Supervisors are responsible for:


  • implementing this policy in an appropriate and consistent manner;
  • developing or distributing agency procedures for employees to follow to secure military family

leave, including identifying persons to be notified with requests for leave and any required notification procedures or forms;

  • approving leave only for eligible employees and appropriate uses as outlined below;
  • taking appropriate actions, including discipline, when an employee fails to abide by the

requirements of this and related attendance and leave policies.




Eligible employees may take a leave of absence during one(1) or more of the following periods:


(1) During the thirty (30) days before active duty orders are in effect;

(2) During a period in which the person ordered to active duty is on leave while active duty orders are in effect; and/or

(3) During the thirty (30) days after the active duty orders are terminated.


An employee who wants to take a leave of absence under this policy shall provide written notice, including a copy of the active duty orders if available, to the supervisor or other designated management official of the date the leave will begin. Such notice shall be given at least thirty (30) days before the date on which the employee intends to begin leave, unless the active duty orders are issued less than thirty (30) days before the date the requested leave is to begin.




The leave of absence may not exceed the equivalent of ten(10) working days in each calendar year.

The employee may choose to use accrued vacation or personal leave or earned compensatory time off to remain in pay status during a leave under this policy. Requests to use accrued paid leave or earned compensatory time during this leave must be included in the employee’s request for leave.


This policy applies to all the employees of the University.


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Policy information

Employee Policy 300.05.05


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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