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Open-Door Policy


In any organization there may be honest differences of opinion about working conditions, discipline, rules, and other personnel issues. To have our University succeed, we must all be committed to open communication and continually seek opportunities to perform our jobs effectively. An open channel of communication is essential to a good work atmosphere. If you have suggestions or concerns, the University encourages you to take the following steps. First, if you feel there is a problem, discuss it with the individual or department concerned, who, in most cases, will be able to resolve the situation.

If you feel the first step does not result in a satisfactory solution, you can initiate a written complaint.

If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, you may request a hearing with your supervisor, who will conduct a detailed review of the matter and, if necessary, meet with all involved parties to bring about a mutually acceptable solution.

Finally, if neither of the prior steps has resulted in a timely resolution of the matter, please address your comments in writing to the appropriate Vice President who will attempt to find a timely and just resolution to the matter. Please include in your written comments the names of the involved parties, dates of meetings, and reasons given for lack of attention or resolution. If the complaint is still not resolved you can request a hearing with President’s Cabinet, and ultimately with the President whose decision shall be final.

Do not keep problems to yourself. Talk them over with your supervisor and get them resolved. The University and all of its employees will benefit from open communication.


This policy applies to all the employees of the University


17-Mar-2015 - Date conversion to KB


Policy information

Employee Policy 300.02.15


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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