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Policy on Policies


Approved by:               The Cabinet

History:                        Implemented – October 20, 2008

                                    Revised -

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Responsible Official:    President, Indiana Wesleyan University


I. Introduction


As Chief Executive Officer of Indiana Wesleyan University (“IWU” or the “University”), the President is the individual ultimately responsible for policies for the University (“University Policies’). IWU requires all University Policies to be promulgated in accordance with the standards and format set forth in this policy. Policies presented in the standard format will help the University accomplish its mission, maintain accountability and provide the University community with a clear explanation of how the University does business. This policy also provides for revising and archiving of policies. 


II. Definitions


A. Policies are guiding or governing principles, formally approved to provide assistance in the conduct of University affairs. This definition encompasses only University-wide policies, which should be distinguished from procedures and from school or departmental policies. Only those policies approved in accordance with this policy will have the force of University Policy. In the event of a conflict between a University-wide policy and a school or departmental policy, the University-wide policy will supersede the departmental policy.


B. Procedures are statements that provide for orderly implementation of University Policies through specific, prescribed actions and are more detailed than a policy statement.


C. Responsible Official is a University senior executive leader charged with overseeing administration of the policy. 


D.  Officer of Legal Affairs is the General Counsel who will propose polices to be considered, advise to the legality of policies, and recommend policies to be reviewed by the President or senior executive leaders.


III. Policy Approval Process: Academic and Administrative Policies:


  1.  Academic Policies: Academic policies of the university are created and revised through the academic governance bodies and processes of the university.  These bodies, their membership, duties, and processes are outlined in the Bylaws of the Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty.  Proposed new academic policies, or revisions to existing academic policies, must be initiated and approved as required in the Bylaws of the Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty.  University academic policies are recorded in and disseminated through the Faculty Handbook and the University Catalog.  The authoritative version of the Bylaws of the Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty, and the Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty Handbook are kept by the office of the Associate Provost.  The authoritative version of the University Catalog is kept by the office of the University Registrar.
  2. Administrative Policies:  Recommendations for new or revised Administrative Policies may be proposed to the Provost or an appropriate Vice President by any member of the University community.


Some policies have less effect than others on the fundamental structure, operation, vision, mission or model of the University.  As such, any proposed administrative policy that does not alter the fundamental nature of the University or change its relationships with students or employees in important ways may be approved in final by the initiating Vice President or Provost.  All other administrative policies must be approved by the President.  It is the responsibility of the Vice President or Provost to determine whether or not a proposed policy necessitates Presidential approval. 


Before giving final approval to an administrative policy the appropriate administrator will submit the proposed policy to the Office of Legal Counsel who will review the policy for the following:


  • consistency in format and presentation ;
  • conflicts with other University Policies;
  • consistency with laws or other external regulations germane to the policy;


Once the policy has been reviewed by Office of Legal Counsel it will be returned to the appropriate administrator for final approval and dissemination.   



IV. Review of Policies: The Provost, Executive Vice President, and Vice Presidents will review all policies in their area of supervision on a regular basis. All policies revised or developed and approved by the President will be disseminated and transmitted through the Responsible Official.


V. Posting of Policies:  The Provost, Executive Vice President, and Vice Presidents will identify all of the places in university communications where a policy appears, and ensure standardization of print and online policies. Printed versions of university policies and the office and repository of the official version will be included in the Student HHHH HHHHandbook (Office of Student Development), Faculty Handbook (Office of Provost), Employee Handbook (Office of Human Resources), University Catalogue (Office of Registrar), Board of Trustee Policies (Office of President), The Wesleyan Church General Board of Administrators Policies (Office of President), announcements, and other publications. 



This policy applies to all the employees of the University.


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Employee Policy 300.02.17


Executive Director for Human Resources

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Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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