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Vacation Donation Policy



Allows eligible full-time employees to donate up to 2 vacation days per fiscal year to a co-worker experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury, either personally or with a spouse, or a dependent child.  This policy is not intended to cover an employee in the following kinds of circumstances:

·   experiencing a normal pregnancy;

·   experiencing a common illness (cold, flu, etc.);

·   experiencing an illness or injury covered by an employer-paid long-term disability or Workers’ Compensation policy;

·   injured during the course of committing a crime or IWU policy violation;

·   beyond bereavement leave, with the exception of a spouse or child;

·   who has previously abused any paid leave.


·   Must be full-time employee of the university with the eligibility to accrue vacation leave.

·   Must have exhausted all available sick and vacation time.

·   Must have a medically verifiable catastrophic illness or injury, either personally, or with a spouse, or dependent child.

·   Employee must complete the Vacation Donation Request Form for consideration. 

·   Employee must have the attending physician complete a Physician Eligibility Statement before eligibility will be considered.


·   Eligible full-time employees may donate up to 2 vacation days (in full-day increments) per fiscal year.

·   Employees will designate their contributions on the Vacation Donation Form.

·   The recipient employee is eligible to use up to 40 donated vacation days (depending on availability) per fiscal year after all available personal sick and vacation time has been exhausted.

·   Donations may be solicited by department or divisional representatives.

·   Once vacation days are donated, they are irrevocable.

·   Employee vacation donations are valid only in the fiscal year in which they are donated.  Unused donated vacation days will not carry over to the new fiscal year.


·   All vacation donation forms including medical documentation must be sent to the individual’s supervisor and vice president prior to submission to the Human Resources Department for verification.

·   Final eligibility for vacation donations will be determined by the President’s Executive Council.

·   Both the Human Resources Department and the President’s Executive Council reserve the right to request further medical documentation before a determination will be made.



This policy applies to all the employees of the University.


18-Mar-2015 - Date conversion to KB


Policy information

Employee Policy 300.04.22


Executive Director for Human Resources

Approved by

Vice President for Business Affairs/ CFO

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