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Business Continuity Plan - Active Directory / DNS

Synopsis of System

DNS is handled internally on BROWN and FALLOW.  BROWN must be on a physical box.  FALLOW is a virtual server.  Active Directory is also on BROWN and replicated on FALLOW with BRUSH being primaryThis is another system that is in the process of changing to a new updated version.


KIWI ???  Function of this to be added.




SERVER NAME:                                              BROWN


  • Short Term Plan

BROWN can be restored to another physical box if available.  For a short period of time it could be restored to a virtual server if a physical server is not available.  If BROWN fails we would probably need to call support to set up the roles for Active Directory correctly.  The issues are the FSMO Roles and USN rollback depending on amount of time differences between backup and restore.

  • Long Term Plan:                            Replace server with new
  • Recovery Point Objective:           1 hours
  • Recovery Point estimate:             24 hours
  • Recovery Time Objective:            1 minute (see above issues)
  • Recovery Time Estimate:              4 hours

SERVER LOCATION:                                                    Maxwell Building

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:                          Primary Domain controller

Server Info:

  • Manufacturer:                                              Dell
  • Model Number:                                            PER420
  • Service Tag #:                                             6QJ78X1  
  • Server Warranty:                                        Dell 3 year      
  • Warranty expiration:                                   2/2016
  • Manufacturer Support #:                            866-410-3355
  • Manufacturer Support Site:                        support.dell.com
  • Purchase Date:                                            2/2013                                           
  • Retirement Date:                                         2/2018



               CPU:                                                                2X24B GHz 

               Memory:                                                          8GB


SOFTWARE:        Operating System:  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2


  • NIC #1:                
  • IP Address:                             
  • Firewall (Y/N)
    • Open Ports:
  • External IP:
  • Default Gateway:                 
  • DNS:                                         ;
  • OTHER: WINS:                       ;


Attached to SAN: (Y/N)

  • HBA (Model/WWPN)
  • Alias of HBA:
  • Switch/Port:
  • Array:
  • Assigned Storage:

Server troubleshooting/documentation:

Check user connections to Datatel, Web Advisor, or SQL Management Studio to see if they allow sign on.  If these are not allowing sign on check BROWN.  If Datatel and SQL Management do not allow sign on but Web Advisor is okay check FALLOW (the backup Domain Controller).

See Incident Report PSWD from October 15, 2008   \\Red\dr_backup-recovery_documentation\

Backup Procedures:

               Product version:                             Net Backup

               Media (Disk/Tape):                       

               Location of Media:                         Facilities Network Closet

               Restore Personnel                         Sysadmin team

               Lead Person/Team:                       Systems team

               Technical Support:                         CORE for Domain

                                                                        Jeff Corey 317-403-1611


                                                                        Help Desk            317-566-6200

               Location of software:    

               Backup Policy:



Additional Information:

Full OS Recovery

  1. Retrieve Windows Operating system software to reinstall on the NetBackup client
  2. Retrieve Windows Volume License keys from offsite location
  3. Retrieve Application software media and licensing should a manual installation of application software be required, including the NetBackup 7.0.1 installation media.
  4. Reinstall the same type and version of software that was previously used.
  5. NetBackup 7.0.1 or later client software to install on the client that is being restored
  6. Special drivers or other software required to get the hardware operational.
  7. IP address and host name of the NetBackup client
  8. IP address and host name of the NetBackup master server.
  9. Partitioning and formatting scheme that was used on the system that you are restoring.  You must duplicate that scheme during Windows installation.






FALLOW (formerly SALMON) is a virtual server.  It is a replication of BROWN. FALLOW also has a copy of Active Directory but is not the repository for FISMO roles.

SERVER NAME:                               FALLOW

RECOVERY PLAN:            

               Short Term Plan - FALLOW:        

               This is a virtual backup until a physical can be replaced. This is a mirror of BROWN and                  can be restored to any available virtual instance.

               Long Term Plan - FALLOW:          Replace server.

               Recovery Point:                              1 hour

               Recovery Time:                               4 hours


SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:           Backup Domain Controller

SERVER INFO:                  

  • Manufacturer:                                
  • Model Number:                             
  • Service Tag#:                                  
  • Server Warranty:
  • Server Ship Date:                           
  • Manufacturer Support #:            
  • Manufacturer Support Site:       
  • Retirement Date:

SOFTWARE:        VMWare ESX 3.5

NETWORK:         NIC #1

                              IP Address:               - FALLOW

                              Firewall (Y/N)

                                             Open Ports:

                              External IP:                      

                              Default Gateway:

                              DNS:                          ,


Backup Procedures:

               Backup Policy:  

               Restore Process:

Restore Personnel:

               Lead Person/Team:        SYSADMIN team

               Technical Support:          CORE (see list for BROWN)

               Location of software:



Note:  Not tied to AD

The secondary external is DNSSecondary.  It is a virtual server hosted on VMSRV5.

SERVER NAME:                                              DNSSECONDARY/ VM4 / DORCAS

SERVER LOCATION:                       

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:           Secondary External Domain Name Controller

Server Info:                                     

  • Manufacturer                                  Virtual
  • Model Number:                             
  • Service Tag#:                                  
  • Ship to Date:                                    
  • Warranty Expiration:
  • Manufacturer Support #:            
  • Manufacturer Support Site:       
  • Retirement Date:




SOFTWARE:        VMWare 4.1


               Nic #1:

               IP Address:

               Open Ports:

               External IP:

               Default Gateway:

               DNS:                          ;


Backup Procedures:

               Backup Policy;

Restore Personnel:         

               Lead Person/Team:        Systems Administration Team

               Technical Support:          CORE (see above list for BLUSH)

Review History

Plan created 4/8/2009

Update History:  10/6/10; 1/18/12; 6/14/2013

Reviewer:    Ev Webber

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