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Business Continuity Plan - Document Imaging

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Document Imaging Recovery Planning covers the server SUNGLOW.  WEBGLOW is a virtual server pointing to the ImageNow server.  A Document Imaging folder with additional documentation exists on IRON.


SERVER NAME:                                                 SUNGLOW

RECOVERY PLAN:                            

                                Long Term Plan:                               Database is backed up with SQL server SQL2.

                                Recovery Point Objective:               4 hours

                                Recovery Point:                                 24 hours

                                Recovery Time Objective:                64 hours

                                Recovery Time:                                  64 hours

SERVER LOCATION:                                                         Maxwell Room 148 C-4

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:                                Document Imaging

  • Manufacturer:                                                       Virtual
  • Model Number:                                              
  • Service Tag #:                                                   
  • Server Warranty:
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Manufacturer Support #                              
  • Manufacturer Support Site                        
  • Purchase Date                                                  
  • Retirement Date                                             
  • Initial Cost:
  • Replacement Cost:                                        


                CPU:                                                                      2X 2.93GHz

                Memory:                                                             4GB RAM

                                                                                              1,000 GB hard drive space


SOFTWARE:                            Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard X64 Edition SP1

                                                ImageNow Server 6.6.0 build 296

                                                ImageNow Client 6.6.0 build 297


                Software Support No:    Perceptive Software

                                                                800-941-7460, ext. 2 work




  • NIC #1
  • IP Address:               
  • Open Ports:
  • External IP:
  • Default Gateway:  
  • DNS                             ;

Attached to SAN: (Y/N)                                 Yes

                Server troubleshooting/documentation:

                Start up script (normal):

                Shutdown procedure: https://kb.indwes.edu/Teams/Software_Administration/ImageNow/Server/Reboot_Steps


Backup Procedures:

Backup policy:                   Data resides on SAN

Product version:              NetBackup 6.5

Location of Media:          Disk – Maxwell / Tape – Jackson Library

Policy Used:                       Std_Windows_DXi7500





Retention 1 week

Virtual Tape




Retention 1 week

Virtual Tape


Backup #1


Retention 1 week

Virtual Tape


Backup #2


Retention 1 month

Physical Tape




Retention 6 months

Physical Tape



                                Backup nightly on PURPLE

                Scheduled Job:                 Daily (Tue-Sat)  Start:     0200

                Source Path:                      System State C:

                 Target path:                      File system: \\purple\blue\

Restore Personnel:

                Lead Person/Team          Software Admin teamfford

                Technical Support           Ev Webber, Jack Alexander, Konrad Willmert, Joni Kilty

                Location of software:     https://perceptivesoftware.seccure.force.com/sfc/#search

\\red\Software Administration\Installation Packages\ImageNow


You need a user account and password to access the Support Portal where downloads are stored.  Ev Webber, Jack Alexander, Joni Kilty and Konrad Willmert have access through their accounts.

Licensing:                            Failover machine (when available) has 30 days before you have to switch  back                                                   to original server.


Additional information                 WebNow 6.6 on virtual server WEBGLOW pointing to SUNGLOW.  Forms server 6.6 on virtual server WEBGLOW pointing to SUNGLOW.  DirectPrint on virtual server WEBGLOW pointing to SUNGLOW.

Test/Development server is BLUE_RU




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