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Business Continuity Plan - Elusian

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Datatel runs over multiple servers.  Included in this document are the specification and recovery plans for AMETHYST, INDIGO_VM2 and SQL9.  The UI is on SILVER.  The data warehouses are included on other servers including APP1 and SQL8.


SERVER NAME:                               AMETHYST


               Short Term Recovery plan:         

Amethyst has a CPU box and an expansion box.  If the expansion box fails the plan is to isolate it and run completely off the CPU box.  If the CPU box fails the hard drive can be restored to the expansion box.  If neither of these steps work then install on SILVER or smaller box. 

Long Term Recovery plan:

Replacement servers would need to be procured.  This would be followed by data restoration from backup

               Recovery point:                No more than 24 hours

               Recovery time:                 12 – 24 hours (just one server or all systems)

ATTACHED TO SAN: (Y/N)            Yes

  • HBA (Model/WWPN):    21 00 00 e0 8b 8a 9b 45; 21 00 00 e0 8b 8a 4c 41
  • Alias of HBA:                     Amethyst_HBA_A;  Amethyst_HBA_B
  • Switch/Port:                     Switch 1: Port2/Switch 2: Port2
  • Array:                                  Array 5
  • Assigned Storage:            Datatel_Program_Files

Attached to UPS:             Y   (Scenario:  Amethyst has two boxes with 2 power supplies each.                                                              Each connection on an individual box is connected to a separate UPS.                                                  This should be fully redundant).

SERVER LOCATION:                        Maxwell  Data Center - Room 148

                                                         Data Center C1

SERVER PURPOSE:                         Colleague Apps Server


  • Manufacturer:                                 IBM
  • Customer Number:                        6919061
  • Model Number:                              3950/3950E        Model &RU/&RU
  • Serial Number:                                KQ96160/ KQP5022
  • Server Warranty:            
  • Warranty expiration:
  • Manufacturer Support #:             1-800-426-7378
  • Manufacturer Support Site:        http://www.ibm.com/support/us/en/
  • Purchase Date:                                10/2006
  • Retirement Date:                            10/2011
  • Initial Cost:
  • Replacement Cost:                         $30,000.00
  • Service Pack Part No                     96P2688/ 10N3059
  • Machine Type                                 8872/8872


  • CPU:                                    8 X 2.66GHz
  • Memory:                            16 GB


                              Operating system:  Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2


                              NetBackup             AMETHYST is at version 6.5.4


                              Java 6                   c:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_14

                                                            Can be downloaded from web but hard to find correct version


                              Unidata 7.2.2     Can be downloaded from Datatel                            


                              Datatel R18         d:\Datatel\Coll18\Coll18_Live\


                              S A Valet 2.4       - Can be downloaded from Datatel support


                              DMI & Datatel DB Applications


                              Microsoft .NET Framework V2.0


                              FTP Service




                              Tail.exe (Tail for Win32)


                              Windows Defender


                              IBM SAN tools


                              Datatel Application – Client U.I.


                              Windows Resource Kit


                              DAEMON Tools                 1.5


               Software Support Number:         Datatel  1-800-328-2835 (1-800-DATATEL)



               NIC #1:

               IP Address:                             

               Firewall (Y/N)

                              Open Ports:

               External IP:                             

               Default Gateway:                 

               DNS:                                         ;

               NIC #2:                                               (crossover to Beryl)

                                                                           Switching to a private network shortly.

               IP Address:                             

               Subnet:                                               255.255.252

               DNS:                                                   No

               NIC #3

Server troubleshooting/documentation:

               Note:     After operating system is installed on a new server you must add an entry for crossover to both Amethyst and Beryl.  This can be found at c:\\windows\system 32\drivers\etc.  This will not prevent the connection between the two from running but it will be considerably slower.

Also note on WIKI re resetting process queues in Datatel after a reboot.  http://projects.indwes.edu/WIKI/perspective.aspx?action=view&page=iwu:ServerRebootSteps

Start up script (normal):

 As part of the power up sequence S A Valet needs to be used to bounce the listeners

Shutdown procedure:

Backup Procedures:                      

  • Backup information:      Nightly (12:00) complete back up to PURPLE  using                                                                         PURPLE policies
  • Product version:              Net Backup 6.5.3
  • Bare Metal Restore:        Yes
  • Backup Policy:                  Datatel_Backup, Datatel_Server_Backup



00:01 to 03:00



Retain – 1 week




Full Backup

Retain – 1 week






03:00 to 10:00


Full Backup

Retain – 6  months




Full Backup

Retain – 1 month





  • SQL/Exchange/Datatel:                Datatel R18
  • Location of Media:                          Facilities
  • Restore Process:              If this is being reloaded on existing server - load Windows                                           Server OS.  Restore all drives from tape/disk then restore                                           System State.

Restore Personnel:

               Lead Person/Team:                       System team and software team

               Technical Support:                         Mike Jamieson, Stephen Swan and Konrad WIllmert

               Location of software:                    Cabinet in Maxwell 148-B

               Restore script:                                 To be developed

Additional Information: SQL database on SQL9

                                                            UI4 services on SILVER

                                                            Wintegrate - virtual server

                                                            Datatel SQL testing on GRAPHITE

                                                                        Odyssey Student Housing on AMMOLITE

                                                            Source4 is located on AQUA

                                                            ZIRCON is the Portal Server

                                                            CINNIBAR – Web Advisor





            Short Term Recovery strategy:   ???????

Long Term Recovery strategy: 

Recovery Point Objective:           24 hours

            Recovery Point (RTO):                   No more than 24 hours

               Recovery Time Objective:            24 hours

               Recovery Time:                               12-24 hours


SERVER LOCATION:                                       Maxwell 148


SERVER PURPOSE:                                        Datatel SQL Server / Main Database Server



               CPU:                                                   8 X 2.66Hz

               Memory:                                           32 GB


SOFTWARE:        Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise X64 Edition SP2

Java 5   

                              SQL Server 2005 9.0.4053

Datatel DAEMON


  • Version: Enterprise 9.0.3068
  • Databases
    • AUTOINDEXRECS - SQL Indexing tool
    • BOE11 – 5 tables??
    • GORT - Offline
    • GOSL - Offline
    • cars (Read-Only) - information from older sis (CARS/Jenzabar)
    • cognos_content - Cognos
    • coll18 - product repository for datatel
    • coll18_archive - copy of coll18_live as of 4/25/08
    • coll18_dev - development area for datatel, copy of coll18_live as of 4/25/08
    • coll18_live - production area of datatel
    • coll18_test - copy of coll18_live as of 4/25/08
    • datamart – Advancement data warehouse
    • dmilog - empty
    • ibmdirector - management of ibm servers
    • iwu_misc - custom code
    • lat_tep - tep application from lat
    • legal - various applications stemming from IWU legal department
    • r25 - Resource 25
    • reports - reporting area for accumulated databases
    • staging - staging area to translate data into reports
    • taskman - task manager data
    • telesale - telesale



  • NIC #1:
  • IP Address:
  • Firewall (Y/N)
    • Open Ports:
  • External IP:
  • Default Gateway:  
  • DNS:;


Attached to SAN: (Y/N)

  • HBA (Model/WWPN)
  • Alias of HBA:     
  • Switch/Port:     
  • Array:    1; 2; 3; 4
  • Assigned Storage:            Datatel_Database;Datatel_Logs; Datatel_Indexes;

        Datatel_SQL_Program Files

Attached to UPS: (Y/N):                              Y

Password policies for users: (Y/N):           Y

Server troubleshooting/documentation

               Start up script (normal):

               Shutdown procedure:    Suggested preference:  Shutdown SQL services before shutting down server.

Backup Procedures:

Backup policy: (when, where):   Uses established retention schedule for backing to ICE.  

Backup C drive and program folders

               Product version:              NTBackup

                                                            Bare Metal Restore enabled

                                                            Also uses:

SQL Backup Weekly

APP1, SQL8, and SQL9




Retain – 2 week





               SQL/Exchange/Datatel: SQL 2005 64 bit Enterprise edition Service Patch2  Version 9.0.3068

               Media (Disk/Tape):         Disk

               Location of Media:          Maxwell

               Restore Process

Restore Personnel:

               Lead Person/Team:        Software admin

               Technical Support:          Stephen Swan, Konrad Willmert  and Mike Jamieson

               Location of software:     Stephen Swan has SQL software media at this time

               Restore script:                  Load Windows Server operating system.  Restore all drives from tape/disk then restore System State.

Additional Information: System databases listed on WIKI

Download from Datatel took over 16 hours for a non-customized version.


Coll18_live is log shipped every 30 minutes to IWUDW1

Coll18_Live is restored onto GRAPHITE as coll18_test

User notification:                            Notify users if outage will be more than 30 minutes.

                                                            Who do you notify? Datatel user group

                                                            How do you notify?        E Mail


Notes:                                                Coll18_live – log shipped every 30 minutes to IWUDWI

                                                            Coll18_live – nightly restored onto GRAPHITE as coll18_test

                                                            All SQL to OPAL but not all on private network.



SERVER NAME:                               SILVER


RECOVERY PLAN:                            Short Term

                                                            Long Term

SERVER LOCATION:                        Maxwell 148


SERVER PURPOSE:                         Datatel UI 4X



  • Manufacturer:                  Dell
  • Model Number:               PE 6650/PowerVault 2205 (SCSI)
  • Service Tag #:                   9329871/7WWG771
  • Server Warranty:
  • Warranty Expiration      
  • Manufacturer Support #              Service Express
  • Manufacturer Support Site:
  • Purchase Date:                                4/15/2005, 4/8/2005
  • Retirement Date:                            4/15/2010
  • Replacement Cost:                         $14,000


               CPU:                                                   3.00GHz

               Memory:                                           8GB

               Storage:                                            Extension cabinet – 14 drives




SOFTWARE:                       Microsoft Windows Server 2008




               NIC #1

               IP Address:               

               Firewall (Y/N)

                              Open PortsL

               External IP:              

               Default Gateway:



Attached to SAN:

Attached to UPS:                             Yes

Password policy for users:             Yes

Server  troubleshooting/documentation

               Start up script (Normal)

               Shutdown Procedure:


Backup Procedures:

               Backup Policy:    NetBackup

               Product Version   7.0.1

               Media (Disk/Tape)           Tape on i500

               Location of Media:          Facilities

               Retention Period:

               Restore Process:

Restore Personnel:

               Lead Person/Team           System Administration and Software team

               Technical Support:           Mike Jamieson

               Location of  Software:

               Restore Script:


Recovery Timeframe Objective:                N/A


Additional information:








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