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Business Continuity Plan - PBX

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This is information regarding the PBX information.



               Make:                                 Avaya

               Model:                                S8700

                                                            Server 1:              Ironbox, SN_____

                                                            Server 2:              Aileron,  SN_____

               Quantity:                           12:         G350s with S8300

                                                            2:            G350s without S8300

                                                            2:            MCC cabinets

                                                            3:            CMC cabinets

                                                            3:            G650 cabinets

               Server Warranty:            

               Warranty expiration:

               Manufacturer Support #:             G3 Technology Partners 800-888-4553

               Manufacturer Support Site:        www.avaya.com


               Purchase Date:

               Retirement Date:



               Short Term Recovery Plan:         

Retrieve the backed up PBX programming.  Call support vendor to install   


Long Term Recovery Plan:

               Vendor would replace equipment.


Recovery Point Objective:           24 hours


Recovery Time Objective:            1 hour



               Backup Policy:                 

The system is set to save its information every night and it sends a backup of that information via SCP to TURQUOISE.

Product Version:

Media (Disk/Tape):

Location of Media:

Retention Period:







Maxwell 123-A, PBX Room


(This is also the primary demark room for all voice and data services coming into IWU)


One MCC (Multi-Carrier Cabinet)

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

System 75, SD66969-01, J58890A

SN: 86DR10 23397 (Mfg. October 1986)

120V, 40A, 60Hz


Cabinet contains EPN1 (Expansion Port Network) which is located in carriers A through D.  These house circuit boards for analog and digital stations as well as all local trunking from the phone company.

Carrier E is configured as a Switch-node carrier.  The circuit boards in this carrier permit fiber connectivity to EPNs 1 (listed above), 2 (Star), 3 (Student Center), 4 (Martin Hall), 5 (AGS), 6 (North Lodge).


EPN 1 feeds analog and/or digital dial tone to the following buildings:

Maxwell, Townhouses, University Court, Burns Hall, John Wesley Administration, Goodman Hall, Beard, Alumni House, Elm House, Brick School House, Sycamore House, Birch House, Sawyer House, Evans Hall, Soccer field.


Star PBX Room (just off west end Community Room)



Consists of two SCC (Single Carrier Cabinets)

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

SD66984-01, J58890H

SN: 90DR08 25096 (Mfg. August, 1990)

110/120V, 14/12A, 50/60Hz

(bottom cabinet is identical, but has no identifying numbers)


EPN 2 feeds analog and digital dial tone to the Star building only.


Student Center PBX Room 138 (Located inside of the Student Center Post Office)



Consists of one 5 carrier cabinet

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

SD66969-02, J58890A

SN: 93DR03 966767 (Mfg. March, 1996)

208V, 24/21A, 60Hz


EPN 3 feeds analog and digital dial tone to the following buildings:

Student Center, Carmin Hall, Scripture & Kem Halls, Jackson Library, Old College Church, Bowman Hall, Shatford Hall, Performing Arts Center, Wellness & Recreation Center, Athletic Fields (except Soccer), Hodson Hall, Reed Hall, Chapel.


Martin Hall basement mechanical room (door 2, enter on outside of building, north side)



Consists of one single carrier cabinet

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

SD67154-01, J58890N

SN: 96DR05 959152 (Mfg. May, 1996)

100/120V, 14/12A, 50/60Hz


EPN 4 feeds analog and digital dial tone to the following buildings:

Martin Hall, Shepherd House, Nelson House, Vardaman House


AGS PBX Room 111-A (Located inside 111 Electrical)



Consists of one G650 Media Gateway (This cabinet requires a data connection as well as a fiber connection to the switch-node carrier in Maxwell)

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

(inside front door of cabinet) 700259724, SN: 04CG40800146


EPN 5 feeds analog and digital dial tone to the AGS building only.


North Lodge phone room



Consists of two G650 Media Gateway cabinets

Cabinet identifiers and numbers:

(on back of units)

Gateway 1: SN 081652301606

Gateway2: SN 05CG07800062

100-240V, 8-4A, 50-60Hz


EPN 6 feeds analog dial tone to the following building:

All Lodges, President’s Residence, North and South Hall


Review History:

Plan Approved:    4/15/2009

Review:                   7/12/2011; 12/11/11

Reviewer:            Dan Metz; Nate Renbarger

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