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Business Continuity Plan - Printing

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Printing servers are VMPRINT1, VMPRINT2, VMPRINT4, and REGPRINT.  These are all virtual servers.  VMPRINT1, VMPRINT2, VMPRINT4 and REGPRINT are on EVC Cluster.


SERVER NAME:                                                 VMPRINT1/VMPRINT2/VMPRINT4/REGPRINT

RECOVERY PLAN:                            

                Short Term Plan:

VMPRINT1 is mirrored on VMPRINT2.  If one went down users can be directed to the other server.   REGPRINT is used for regional campus printing.  Currently VMPRINT4 is still being used as a test box.

Also all can be restored to another virtual instance.

Long Term Plan:              

A new virtual instance can be created and configured.  This can also be created on another virtual server host.

                Recovery Point:                                                1 hour

                Recovery Time:                                                4 hours


SERVER LOCATION:                                         Maxwell

SERVER HOST NAME:                                     EVC Cluster

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:           Print Spooler

                                                                                VMPRINT1 – Marion Campus

                                                                                VMPRINT2 – Secondary (failover) for Marion Campus

                                                                                VMPRINT4 – Currently being used as test machine

                                                                                REGPRINT – Regional Campuses

SERVER INFO:                   

  • Manufacturer:                                 
  • Model Number:                              
  • Service Tag#:                                    
  • Server Warranty:
  • Server Ship Date:                            
  • Manufacturer Support #:            
  • Manufacturer Support Site:       
  • Retirement Date:

SOFTWARE:                                                        VMWare ESX 4.1

NETWORK:         NIC #1

                                IP Address:                (VMPRINT1)




                                Firewall (Y/N)

                                                Open Ports:

                                External IP:                                         -

                                Default Gateway:

                                DNS:                            ,


Backup Procedures:

                Backup Policy:  




Full Backup

Retain - 1 week




Full Backup

Retain – 1 month




Full Backup

Retain – 1 week




Full Backup

Retain – 6 months






Restore Personnel:

                Lead Person/Team:        Systems team

                Technical Support:          VMWare

Updated 4/24/2012

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