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Business Continuity Plan - Source 4


Source4 is the application used to format paychecks, advices, accounts payable checks, receipts and tax forms.  The Form Port Server application, design application, design documents, compiled forms and images  exist on AQUA. 


SERVER NAME:                                              AQUA

                                                                           Form Port Server 5.9.519


               Short Term Recovery Plan:         

Suggested:          Backup from restoration tapes

               Long Term Recovery Plan:

               Recovery Point:                                             N/A       

               Recovery Time:                               24 hours

SERVER LOCATION:                                       Maxwell 148, cluster 2

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:           Source 4 and other processes                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Server Info:

  • Manufacturer:                                 Virtual
  • Model Number:                             
  • Server Warranty:
  • Warranty expiration:
  • Manufacturer Support #:            
  • Manufacturer Support Site:       
  • Purchase Date:                               
  • Retirement Date:                           
  • Replacement Cost:                        


  • CPU:                                                  
  • Memory:                                          
  • Storage:                                           


SOFTWARE:                                                     Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2



                              Unidata 7

                              Source 4 (FormPort Server and FormPort Designer)




  • NIC #1:                
  • IP Address:              
  • Firewall (Y/N)
    • Open Ports:
  • External IP:                       
  • Default Gateway:
  • DNS:                          ;

Attached to SAN: (Y/N)

  • HBA (Model/WWPN)
  • Alias of HBA:
  • Switch/Port:
  • Array:
  • Assigned Storage:

Attached to UPS: (Y/N):                                                            Y

Password policies for users: (Y/N)                           Y

Server troubleshooting/documentation

               Start up script (normal):

               Shutdown procedure:

Backup Procedures:

  • Backup policy: (when, where):



04:00 – 10:30







Full Backup

Retain – 1 week

Run every 8 hrs



Full Backup

Retain – 1 week

Run every 5 days



Full Backup

Retain – 6 months

Run every 26 days




  • Product version:                             NetBackup  6.5
  • Media (Disk/Tape):                        Tape
  • Location of Media:                         Maxwell
  • Restore Process                Use Recovery steps for Netbackup  6.5 FP6 Clients

Restore Personnel:

  • Lead Person/Team:                       System Admin team
  • Technical Support:                         Josh Hall, Konrad Willmert
  • Location of software:                    Source 4 media not available
  • Restore script:

Additional Information:

               User notification:             Notify users if outage will be more than 30 minutes

                                                            Who do you notify?        If Source 4 – Finance/Payroll/AP

                                                            How do you notify?        E-mail

               Note:                    A VB Script cleans out anything in queue after 14 days.  This process runs  nightly.

                                             Note for notification print jobs sent while server is down are lost without any error notice given to users and most                                                  are difficult to reprint.


Review History:

Intitial Document Approved:    4/16/2009

Reviewed:    5/4/2009; 10/22/2010

Reviewer:    Mike Jamieson; Josh Hall

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