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Second Tier BC Plan - iSupport


ISupport and MindTouch reside on virtual instance LAVENDAR.  iSupport production will be moving to instance SHAMROCK on ESX4.1 and at that point LAVENDAR will become the test environment for iSupport.  Mind Touch will have an old copy remaining on LAVENDAR but moving to Cloud.  The database is on SQL2.


SERVER NAMES:                                            LAVENDAR (Virtual Instance) on ESX4

                                                                           SHAMROCK(Virtual Instance) on ESX4.1 (Moving to this soon)

                                                                           SQL2 is server for database

                                                                           LAVTEST is iSupport test box until LAVENDAR assumes the role


               Short Term Recovery Plan:            Create a new virtual instance and restore from night backup.

               Long Term Recovery Plan:             Same as above

               Recovery Point:                               24 hours

               Recovery Time:                               

LOCATION:                                                      Maxwell

SERVER PURPOSE AND SYNOPSIS:           iSupport  and  MindTouch

Host Server Info:

  • Manufacturer:                                                 Dell
  • Model Number                                                Dell R710
  • Service Tag:                                                    
  • Server Warranty:
  • Warranty Expiration:
  • Manufacturer Support #:                              1-866-410-3355
  • Manufacturer Support Site:                          support.dell.com
  • Ship Date
  • Retirement Date:                                            5/12/2015

Installed Software:                        

                                             LAVENDAR is Windows Microsoft Server 2003

SHAMROCK is Windows Microsoft Server 2008


                                             iSupport Version Service Desk Edition (currently upgrading to

                                             MindTouch TCS Version 11 moved to cloud


               IP Address:          ESX 4          





Backup Procedure:

               Backup policy:                   LAVENDER/SHAMROCK Only

VCB-1500_2PM (between 14:00 – 20:00)

                                                            Friday Full Backup Retained 2 weeks, 1 month on i500

                                                            Monday-Thursday Full Backup Retained 2 weeks on i7500

                                                            Monthly_Full Backup retained for 6 months on i500

               Backup policy:                   SQL2

                                                            Weekly restore on VCB_SQL_Weekly and                             

Database backed up locally every night.  The backup is then copied to MINT and stored to tape.  Local copy would take 15-20 minutes to restore from backup.  Previous backups would take longer to retrieve from tape.


Restore Personnel:

Lead Person/Team           Jack Alexander, Ev Webber, Dennis Harvey,  Bill Van Haften, Stephen Swan

               Technical Support:           Kelvin Hutchins, Kyle Lewis

               Location of Software:     on LAVENDAR/SHAMROCK in the folder  C:\iSupport Setup Files

               Restore script:                   None


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Reviewed by      Kelvin Hutchins

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