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Conference Bridge Requests

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When someone sends a request to setup a conference bridge (necessary if they request a toll free number to call OR if they have more than 6 people calling in) choose the iSupport category under Network/Telecommunications --> Telephone --> Conference Bridge.  It will pop up a script with the details required to setup the bridge.  The details of that script follow:

Please identify the telephone number or extension.

If a conference needs to be setup in the Conference Bridge system, we need to know the following:
1) Date of conference
2) Time of conference
3) Duration of conference
4) Title for conference
5) Account number to charge
6) Number of participants

After the details have been entered, route the ticket to Operations, Unassigned queue, for Conference Bridge setups.  There is a limit of 30 participants.

If the request is a MeetMe line (which requires a physical phone to be installed) then those would need to be routed to Bill Emmett(via the Network Services Unassigned Queue)




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