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Creating a Conference Bridge

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First use Internet Explorer (IE) or an IE plugin for a different browser like Firefox and type in iwutalk.indwes.edu.  **You will also need to be either on campus or using a vpn connection to access this site.**  If you have been given access to create Conference Bridges, then login using the username and password you were given to access this page.



Next click on Create New Conference


Give the conference a Name, choose the date, put the start time in military time (as there is no AM or PM option), type the duration of the conference in minutes, and type in how many people will be calling in for the participant count.  Then click on Book Conference and then choose OK to continue from the pop up window.  **There is a limit of 30 participants for the conference bridge system during any given period.  For instance, if someone has already scheduled a conference bridge for the same time you want but have only reserved 10 participants, you would still be able to schedule yours for up to 20 participants.**

**The pop up windows points out that Once Booked the Details (name, date, start time, duration, and participant count) cannot be changed.**


Immediate uncheck the box the says PIN Checking On.


Next type in a contact person and your account number to charge. (the charge is 2-3 cents/min x number of participants x the duration reserved)  Finally click on the Update button.


If you have a recurring conference, it would be helpful to save a Conference Template so you don't have to enter all the information again each time.  Click Ok and then click on Add Participants to bring up the Add Conference Participants detail menu.


Fill in your name and then click the Update button.  This will make the Save Template button available to click.  Click Ok on the Record Has Been Updated window.


Click on the Save Template button and you will get the Conference Template Created confirmation pop-up window.  Click Ok.


When you want to setup another conference bridge using those details again click on the My Conference Templates to find your saved template.  Click on the ID number you want, in this example I will choose 597234.


You have the option of changing the name, date, duration, and participant count.  The Conference ID number would remain the same as the one you just selected from your saved template list.


Finally, send out the information to the participants.  I've included my email template that I use to send out to people, changing the parts in brackets for each specific conference bridge as needed. 


Another option is to send out the notification directly from the iwutalk website in the area for adding conference patricipants, you can include their email address and check the box to the right for Email.  Click update then the Send Emails button is available to send the details to each user listed.


If by chance you do want the PIN Checking On option selected, then the Send Emails with send each user listed an email with their individual PIN.


Here is an example of what the messages look like from IWU-Conference@indwes.edu.  If you don't have the Check for PIN number selected it will not include it in this email.


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