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Information Technology Alternative Site

Alternative Site:

In case Maxwell or the ITS center is not available as a restoration site during an emergency for more than the maximum downtime established then an alternate site needs to be identified.


High Level Concerns:

A command center will be needed to provide a place for decision making and restoring critical applications lost during an emergency or disaster.  This center should include logistics and facilities for communication, copies of all DR documentation, and recovery documentation.  The location needs to be able to establish communication with Indiana Wesleyan administration and the IT technical staff.




Any command center should include:

  • Laptops with modems and ability to create read/write CDs
  • Small server?
  • Printers/faxes/copiers with paper and cartridges
  • Phones independent of the PBX system
  • VoIP phones
  • Cell phones/chargers
  • Digital camera
  • Television with cable TV connection
  • Portable radio and batteries
  • Tools
  • UPS and generator/fuel storage
  • Power strips
  • Two way radios/batteries
  • White board/markers
  • Flashlights/rechargeable or batteries
  • First aid kits
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Blank writable CDs
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water
  • Hard hats
  • Work boots


In addition copies of the DR documentation need to be available to the alternate site.  This would include hardware configuration, software packages and configurations, data backup schedules, key vendor contact, IWU contact information and secure communications.


Staff Needs:


All staff involved in recovery efforts should have copies of the DR material.  Both electronic and paper copies should be available to the alternate site.

All staff should be cross trained on the steps to be followed for recovery of all applications.  In addition they should be familiar with the location of equipment, documentation, and command responsibilities.  Testing should occur on a regular basis.

All directors need to be familiar with the above.  A rotating calendar has been suggested to establish a chain of command for each month rotating throughout the year.


Date and Author:

10/21/09   MJM

Additions:  3/21/2013 BI



10/21/09    Ev Webber

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