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Active Directory - Add Home Folder Procedure


These are the steps to add a home folder for an individual.


1.    To add a new home folder in Active Directory pull up the properties of the person requesting the file.

Next go to the PROFILE tab on the properties screen and choose CONNECT

N:    (Choose the N Drive)

\\iwunet\MyFiles\(first initial first name)-Users\user.name

Then hit the APPLY button to activate this.

 2.    Remote to SMALT

Using Remote Desktop access SMALT

Home Folders folder> Right Click>Security

Note:  Person owning file and SYSADMIN are the only ones to own file (all others to be removed)

ADVANCED button> Remove check from checkbox in front of "Allow Inherited Properties" >COPY.APPLY

User should have full control.


Marcia Moon                10-Nov-2010

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