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Active Directory - Employee Name Change Procedure



The process to change varies. If the employee uses Colleague the process requires a reboot of Colleague.  This rename step would then be done on a Thursday evening to match the normal maintenance reboot performed on Friday mornings.  These steps are usually run by a member of SYSADMIN and a member of the Colleague team.  They coordinate this with the user in question.  In addition if the user has cashier abilities they should have closed all of their sessions before the name change.  Once the name has been changed they will not be able to get back into any of these sessions under the new name.


Procedure steps:


When HR receives notice of a name change for an employee (Colleague user or otherwise) they will notify IT.

IT name change team will

  1. Change the Person User ID in the DRUS record in Colleague to the new login (Typically first.last)
  2. Change the Display name, email address, user id in Active Directory
  3. Add the additional email address on the mailbox for the employee in Exchange Management and set this as primary
  4. Create a new SOD record in Colleague using the Person User ID created in DRUS, fill in required name field, Save All
  5. Use XCSS to copy old SOD security classes to new SOD record. Then use record delete to remove old SOD record.
  6. Change the old operator ID in Colleague SVM record to the new login. Do not change the existing Staff Code initials. User will still need to access their existing Docs etc.
  7. Notify HR to change the NAE record in Colleague to new email address.

Further steps:

If the renamed user is a ImageNow user the name should be changed in WebNow

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