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Active Directory - Students Hired as Employees

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When IT is requested to add an employee account when there is an existing student email the following steps are to be completed:

  1. Verify with the supervisor that the employee is/or is not continuing as a student.  Do not remove student permissions if they are still active as student.
  2. Employees are not to use their student email account for work.  They must be assigned an @indwes.edu account.  In addition employee must grant permission to delete student email account.  (Suggest that employee check student account to retain anything valuable to them.)  After they have given this permission you can delete the @myemail address from the General Tab and Account Tab.  Add the @indwes.edu to the General Tab and Account tab.
  3. In Active Directory under Properties
    1. Account tab - change the @myemail.indwes.edu to @indwes.edu
    2. Member tab - remove the permission to myemail
    3. General tab - remove the @mymail.indwe.edu address and replace with @indwes.edu and change Description from Student to Employee
    4. Attribute tab - Clear legacyexchangeDN; target address, proxy address, showInAdressBook and other MSExchange attributes
  4. In AD right click on name and and choose Move
    1. Move from Student OU to appropriate Employee OU
  5. In the Exchange Management Console create a new mailbox for the person above.
  6. After the mailbox has been created return to Active Directory and change the permissions in Member to mirror new position.
  7. Check the NAE screen in Colleague to verify the correct address is listed.  If the address needs to be changed HR needs to be contacted.
  8. Let the supervisor know that the employee will need to sign into LMS with the new USER.ID after 5:30 that day (to allow for an update to LMS from Colleague.

Note:  It is suggested that the former student now employee notify their current instructors of the address change.

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