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Active Directory - Terminate Employee Status

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When a termination request has been received from an HR email the following steps are completed in Active Directory:

  • Before going to Active Directory verify ID number from HR notification with DRUS record in Colleague to confirm correct spelling of terminated user.id.
  • On the General Tab Description line enter DOT ##/##/##
  • On the Account Tab – Complete End of line using DOT from above
  • On the Profile Tab – Change to local path if a Home folder is listed on RED.
  • On the Exchange Advanced Tab – check the Hide from Exchange address list line
  • On the Exchange Features Tab – disable features
  • On the Exchange General Tab – Delivery Options – Check for forwarding
  • On the Member of Tab – check for groups (leave Domain Users)
  • Right click on name in Active Directory – Disable Account
  • Right click on name – Move to Offices/DOT
  • Change password.
  • Reply to all at completion of this task

When an emergency  termination request is received from department head (in absence of anyone in HR able to request this) this call will be handled by the Identity Manager rather than by IT support.  It is suggested that  Identify management send an email to HR regarding this procedure for any additional input they might wish to add.  Timing issues regarding notification to terminated employee must be clarified.  IT will not be responsible for informing employee.  Any changes to the process (example the timing of the account being disabled) may be overwritten by HR representative.



To Be Addressed:

Verify –  If first received as a call this will require an email from HR including ID number before we proceed.  Verify that ID numbers match and names match correctly. Build acknowledgement into process (contact after hours).

Verify steps in Exchange 2010.

Reasons for disabling

Voluntary vs Forced: . Is there a difference in the steps or just the timing of the steps.

Other statuses:          Might include retirement, suspension, inactive due to accident or illness.

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