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Active Directory New Student Setup

These are the steps to be used to create a batch of new student ID's in Active Directory from lists created in Colleague.

Procedure for Batch Creation:

  • Open the "Newly Created Accounts" sent from either CAPS or CAS
  • Copy the list (including header IWU_ID) to Textpad
  • Save this list to the C drive of selected computers (Sysadmin) using the format of CA#S-S-######-1.csv
  • On specific laptops run the program ERW-CAPS-Import or ERW-CAS-Import using the current file created in previous step
    • Note number of users processed by program
  • In Active Directory OU _NewAccounts highlight the new users created and move to appropriate OU (ex.CAPS_2014)
  • Notify Requestor giving # of accounts created.

Procedure for Single User Creation:

Note:  If DRUS record reflects an equivalency of WEB### but no actual account exists in Active Directory a new account will need to be created in AD.  

  • In Active Directory under OU _NewAccounts is a Student Template.  Copy this template to create the account for the above situation.
  • Fields to be completed are
    • General Tab:  First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Description and email address
    • Account Tab:  Double check that user.id and @myemail.indwes.edu are shown.  In addition the box for password never expires should be marked.
    • Member Tab:  Domain control, CAPS_Stu (or CAS_Stu), myemail and PaperCut permissions should be selected.
    • Attribute Editor:  Check that Employe ID is listed.
    • Once this has been created it needs to be moved to the apropriate OU.

Procedure for Error Correction:

  • Copy "Already Existing Accounts" to TextPad.
  • Run the script ERW-Verify Accounts against this list to create spreadsheet listing accounts
  • If account shows WEBSTU2 and all fields are filled this is correct
  • If account shows it does not exist use the ID number listed to check DRUS.  If equivalency not complete fill this field and save.  This will generally complete the creation of the account in Active Directory _NewAccounts OU.  Complete the necessary fields in this account and move to correct student OU.
  • If account shows WEBALU as the equivalency move this to the correct OU for new students.  Once a week we will run the script "ERW-Alum2student" against the two newest student OU's.  This will change the description, add the papercut permission and complete the equivalency in the attribute editor.
  • If the list was sent from CAPS but it shows WEBSTU1 as its equivalency then add the permission CAPS_Student and check that myemail permission exists on the account, change the description and move to a current OU.
  • These same procedures can be used to check errors received during XCUA.


  • Accounts are not created at the request of a student.  Only names sent to us through the reports mentioned above will be given this access. 
  • Name change requests are not accepted from a student.  These requests must be generated by Admissions, Student Services or the Registrar's office.


Stephen Newcomer and Marcia Moon 6/15/2015

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