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Blacklisting Response


Trouble sending to a specific site following a phishing attack.


When cleaning up after a phishing attack we find that a certain queue has quite a few messages waiting. (Example Comcast.com had over 200 messages backed up in queue.).  THis usually means we are a target for blacklisting. Or...

A user notifies us that they can not send to a specific site.. 


These are the steps to resolve the problem.

  1. Comcast is generally the first one to put us on a blacklist.  They maintain a form at support.comcast.com.rbl.  Fill this form out and they wait for theri response...
  2. Several other groups have automatic process that will be generated after the last spam email sent.  These sites include G-mail (72 hours) and Hotmail (72 hours)
  3. Because we have live@edu account we cann call Mircosoft support to get off the list faster.  (1-800-455-6399).
  4. There are three websites to check by putting in address of SMTP server 199-8-25-251.  These sites are:
    1. comine.abuse.ch
    2. spam.abuse.ch
    3. ubl.unsubscore.com
  5. Smaller companies like Frontier.net usually need something sent to them from outside our system to explain the problem and correction steps taken..


Phishing Attack is a related procedure.

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