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ICE/CINDER - Support Call

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Twinstrata, GoogleCloud, ICE, CINDER, Emc, NetBackup7.6, and Symantec

Contact Information:

Twinstrata Box - Device used to cache the backups locally.  This is located in Facilities Services in the locked data closet.

GoogleCloud - the cloud storage

ICE - Windows 2008 R2 NetBackup server located in the Data Center in Maxwell

NetBackup is the version of the backup software used

CINDER - Windows 2012 R2 NetBackup server located in the Data Center in Maxwell

NetBackup is the version of the backup software used

Symantec would be called for problems with NetBackup

Phone Number for Symantec is 800-342-0652 (Option Number 1)

Symantec Support ID:  59055928

Notification ID:  NBU75-77548795-N-2455975

Licensing and Registration



Quantitiy 3

Customer Care:  http://www.symantec.com/business/sup...tance_care.jsp

Regional technical support:



EMC formerly Twinstrata would be called if problem with box in Facilities

EMC Support - 800-782-4362

Site ID: 4419833

David Marseglia - 508-309-3329


Yi Xue - yi.xue@emc.com

Symantec Suggested Troubleshooting Questions:

This information is commonly helpful when troubleshooting issues. Please provide as much information as possible:

  1. What specifically is failing (such as backups/restores)?
  2. How is it failing (error messages, status codes, log entries, etc)?
  3. Where is the failure being observed (master server, media server, clients)?
  4. How many systems or clients are affected by this failure?
  5. What are the other indications of failure? (application log data, system log data, dumps, etc.)
  6. When was this issue first observed (exact times of first and subsequent occurrences)? This will help us connect product behavior with error log entries.
  7. Have there been any recent changes to the application or environment (unique conditions, recent changes, updates, etc)?
  8. Please include any other information you believe is relevant for this case.


NetBackup Status Code Lookup:

NetBackup Status code lookup (recently updated):



Symantec Severity Level Impact of Significance of Problem

Severity One One or more of the following:
• Your production server or other mission-critical system(s) are down
• A substantial portion of your mission-critical data is at significant risk of loss or corruption
• You have had a substantial loss of service
• Your business operations have been severely disrupted
• An issue in which the product causes the customer’s network or system to fail catastrophically or that compromises overall system integrity or
data integrity when the product is installed or when it is in operation (that is, causing a system crash, loss or corruption of data, or loss of system
security) and significantly impacts the customer’s ongoing operations in a production environment
• You have not met a major milestone in a required test system, and there is no immediately available workaround
Severity Two Problem has occurred in which a major functionality is severely impaired. Your operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although
long-term productivity may be adversely affected
Severity Three Problem has occurred in which there has been a limited adverse effect on your business operations
Severity Four One of the following has occurred:
• Problem in which your business operations have not been adversely affected
• A minor condition or documentation error that has no significant effect on your operations
• A suggestion for new features or an enhancement regarding the Licensed Software


Symantec Suggestions for Opening a Technical Support Case:

Opening a Technical Support case
In the United States and Canada, call (800) 342 0652 or (407) 357 7600. In all other countries, visit www.symantec.com/business/
Please have the following information available for the Customer Service Agent:
• Symantec Support Identifier (12-digit number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
• Your complete contact information (please ensure you are a Designated Caller)
• A specific problem description and its severity, that is, its impact on your operations
• Additional relevant information about the affected systems
You can also use Symantec MySupport to initiate (Severity two, three, and four only) and manage (all severities) technical cases
online: https://mysupport.symantec.com/.



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Marcia Moon

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