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PURPLE - Recovering a Virtual Machine


Recovery of a virtual machine is done after a virtual machine has crasahed and is not able to reboot.  This is determined by Jack Alexander (SysAdmin).  The actual recovery will usually be done by the backup team.  If no one else is available the following steps can be taken to recover a Virtual machine that has been backed up by the Symantec NetBackup software.


1.    The name of the server that has crashed.
2.    The name of the virtual host machine for that server. 


These are the steps to resolve the problem.  

1: Go to the NetBackUp administrator console and navigate to :

Media and Devices > Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers

You should see the host machine for the affected server listed (ex. raven09.iwunet.indwes.edu)

If it is, continue to step 2. If it is not, The credentials must be entered for any restore to be successful!

The procedure to  enter new credentials for a host hachine:

                1 navigate to: Media and Devices > Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers

                2 Right-Click in the windows with the  Virtual Machine Servers

                3 Select “new”

                4 Enter the name of the Virtual Machine Server

                5 Enter the machine type, and username and password to create the Virtual machine

                6 Click “OK”

2: Open  “NetBackup, Archive and Restore” program  on Purple

3: Select: File > Specify NetBackuo Machines and Policy Type

                Enter Server to Use (Purple)

                Source Client (Machine to be restored)

                Destination Client (Machine to be restored)

                Policy Type (FlashBackup-Windows)

                >click OK

 4: Select : Select for Restore > Restore from Virtual Machine Backup

                4a Select a date of the backup to restore

4b: Click on the All Folders icon for the virtual machine  in the restore window.

5: In the Restore(Virtual Machine)    window, select the “Preview Media Required for Restore” Icon.

This will give you the tape number of the tape that must be in the robot for the restore.


6: check the tapes in the robot to make sure it is in the robot. If it is not, get the tape from the library, eject and existing tape and bring the tape into the robot. (see “Replacing tapes in the i500 documentation, if you are unsure as to how to do this).


7: click the “Start to Restore of Marked Files” icon

8:The “Virtual Machine Recovery “ Window will pop up

                Select > Recover machine to original location

Click “Next”

9: In the window that pops up:

                Select  > NetBackup Recovery Host > Purple

                Select  > Transfer Type > nbd

                Check > Overwrite the existing virtual machine

Click “Next”


11: you will be given the opportunity to monitor the restore job, answer “Yes” to this option.


The Machine should be restored at the end of that job.


Bill Van Haften                07-Mar-2012

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