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Chinese Cohort Procedure

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  1. When a student is accepted, he is sent an email giving him his login, PIN, and IWU email address.  His record in Colleague is updated to show the IWU email address as the primary address.  Our sysadmin team in IT is also notified of the new student and creates the new email account and login.name in Active Directory. The student still has to activate the IWU email address before it can be used.
  2. When a student starts a cohort, this same process is done again (just in case there is a student in a new cohort that does not have a login, password, or IWU email account for whatever reason.)
  3. When an MEDC cohort starts, School of Educational Leadership sends the list of email addresses  that the China students should have on their Colleague email address record in NAE.  They immediately replace the IWU email address on the student’s record with the personal one that has been sent.  This email needs to be made a PRIMARY type email in NAE.  This will ensure that the @myemail.indwes.edu account will be removed from Blackboard. This is now the student’s primary email address and all correspondence coming from IWU will go to that account.
  4. When Student Services eliminates the IWU email account from Colleague they will notify sysadmin.  Sysadmin in turn will eliminate the email address from Active Directory and from Microsoft's @live system and replace the email address on the General Tab for each student with "noOffice365".    This will cause a filter disconnect from DIRSYNC.  If an account has been created this will render the account unusable.
  5. The members of the co-hort will be sent an email at their working address telling them how they can access what they need.  The application for graduation can be accessed through Data Connect directly by going to https://wa-secure.indwes.edu.    Contact with Pearson should go to hdescalation@ecollege.com.  If there is anything a student needs specifically they can contact the support center and will be given a direct link.


Marcia Moon


Brian Israel, Leslie Zolman, Kris Willmert


Procedure created 10/10/2012

Policy updated 08/27/2014

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