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Create batch process for CAPS student email accounts

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  • Receive"Newly Created Accounts" report from Student Services
  • Highlight contents of email report (making sure you pay attention to number of students on list)
  • Open Textpad and copy contents
  • Save as CAPS-S-######-#.csv with ###### equal to YYMMDD and -# equal to number of reports received that day
  • Run New-Import_CAPS_Students-CSV.vbs procedure saved on C drive (of individual sysadmin team members) opening file above
  • Check Active Directory under Students>NEW_CAPS.  Highlight list of names and add these new users to myemail and CAPS_Student user groups then move to latest OU for CAPS Students ex. CAPS Students>CAPS 2013.
  • The names will be provisioned every 30 minutes.
  • Updates to Blackboard run twice a day.  The email address listed in Colleague must match this new primary address for the user to receive email from within Colleague.


Created 9/18/2012

Updated 10/3/2013

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