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Exchange 2003 - Public Folder Needs to be Restored


Users report a missing public folder using Exchange 2003


Shared public folder not found


These are the steps to resolve the problem. Describe fixes for known errors and give error recovery steps. Offer actions to correct the problem. 

  1. First step - check to see if someone accidently moved this folder
  2. Second step - documented fix for this is


  3. The tool for this PFDAVAdmin is installed on TEAL.  the instructions are:

  4. Recover a deleted public folder

  5. Move to the PFDAVAdmin folder, and then double-click the PFDAVAdmin.exe file.
  6. On the File menu, click Connect.
  7. In the Exchange server box, type the name of the Exchange server to which you want to connect.
  8. In the Global Catalog box, type the name of the global catalog server.
  9. If it is required, click to clear the Authenticate as currently logged-on user check box. Type an appropriate user name, password, and domain in the respective boxes.
  10. In the Connection area, click Public Folders, and then click OK.
  11. Expand Public Folders, and then click the parent folder of the deleted folder.
  12. Right-click the parent folder, and then click Show deleted subfolders. The deleted subfolder is shown in red.
  13. Right-click the subfolder, and then click Recover folder.
  14. Click OK to acknowledge the Recovery succeeded message. The recovered folder name appears as Folder_Name Recovered.
  15. Test access to the folder by using an e-mail client.
  16. In Exchange System Manager, right-click the recovered folder, and then rename the folder.

     5    After the restore you will need to talk to users re adding it to their favorites.  Also the file will have been renamed.


The address was actually attached to the public folder itself, with an option called "Mail Enable"


Below are some screenshots that have to be re-done if a public folder is mail enabled, and was recovered.  Recovery will restore options like permissions, however will not restore mail enabled functionality.


(In the picture below it says Mail Disable, but if the functionality isn't there it will be Mail Enable)








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