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"Sed" script for converting .xml config files at regional sites

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This is the “sed” script on how to convert the .xml config file from one regional site to what is needed for another.  The sites that have a pfSense box are: cec, shec, iec-fa, dyec, and lvec.  cec and shec have a VPN connection back to IWU. Iec-fa, dyec, and lvec have a pfSense box because they have an additional Internet connection and so need to manage traffic headed to IWU vs. the Internet, etc.


The script is for sites like iec-fa, dyec, and lvec and with some minor modifications is what will be used for any new sites that wish to increase their Internet bandwidth:


cat config-iecfapfs.iwunet.indwes.edu-20120725182640.xml | sed -e s/10.3.40/10.3.3/ -e s/10.220.1/10.220.3/ -e s/iecfapfs/lvecpfs/ > config-lvecpfs.iwunet.indwes.edu-20120725182640.xml



Bill Emmett


Article created 10/11/12

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