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Adding Phone(s) - Billing Process for UIT


  1. iSupport request is received by UIT staff to provide and install a phone(s).
  2. iSupport request is reviewed and assigned to staff performing the actual installation.
  3. The new phone(s) are install and any programming  is completed, then the iSupport (Incident or Change) is re-assigned to Dan Adkins or other Incident/Change designate.
  4. Dan Adkins or designate would review the Incident/Change and verify the Account information.  Any issues with the GL numbers can be resolved with the help of Brian Israel
  5. Once the GL accounting information is verified accurate, then the ticket re-assigned to Ashlyn Luttrell or the IT Purchasing Agent.  Ashlyn will then perform the billing.


Note: While the above process is going through the steps to completion, the phone inventory is being monitored so that there will be enough in stock to services other requests.  Once a phone type gets down to a re-order point then a quote will be requested from TalkPoint Technologies (Paul Bury 612-991-8834 – paulb@talkpointtech.com)


Dan Adkins


Dan Adkins x-2340, Mark Atkins x-2532, Brian Israel x-2481, Tim Schortgen x-2568, Ashlyn Luttrell x-1689

TalkPoint Technologies (Paul Bury 612-991-8834)

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