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DHCP Server/Logging

System Information:

  • Daily DHCP logs are written to c:\windows\system32\dhcp on LIGHTBLUE.
    • Files are DhcpSrvLog-day.log
    • Log files rotate daily at midnight.


  • A Windows PowerShell script runs at 2:00 AM daily to copy and rename the previous day’s log file.
    • PowerShell script is c:\windows\system32\dhcp\dhcpbackup.ps1.
    • Runs as a scheduled task.
    • The scheduled task runs as LIGHTBLUE\dhcp.logrotate.
    • Daily log file is copied to c:\windows\system32\dhcp\dated_logs, and is then renamed to mmddyyyy.log.


  • Logs can be searched from command prompt, using Windows Find command.
    • find /i “” mmddyyyy.log to search dated log for an IP address.
    • find /i “bc773766e905” mmddyyyy.log to search dated log for MAC address.



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