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Naperville Setup Information

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Naperville, Ill. Installation Instructions:


Contact: Bill Emmett 765-677-2341


Steps for connection and setup of equipment:

  1) Rack Cisco 2060-24 PoE switch

  2) Connect Comcast ethernet cable to WAN port on Dell pfSense Firewall Server

  3) Connect ethernet cable from LAN port on Dell pfSense Firewall Server to Cisco 2960-24 PoE switch Gig Port 1 (on right)

  4) Power on Cisco 2960-24 PoE switch

  5) Power on Dell pfSense Firewall Server (server should automatically connect to IWU VPN Server on Main Campus)

  6) Mount Cisco 1130 Access Point on ceiling grid and run ethernet cable back to PoE switch

  7) Patch wall jacks into Cisco 2960-24 PoE switch


  Note: Any troubleshooting necessary for Dell pfSense Firewall Server will require a laptop with ethernet connection to Cisco 2960 PoE switch using a web browser such as Firefox, or Internet Explorer, etc. and a phone call to the number listed above.

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