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Voice Mail / Phone Number (MIC) - Name Change


  1. Start the Avaya Site Administration application. (This should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Site Administration\bin\ASA.exe)
  2. Determine what site the customer is at, if at Marion, then it will look like the picture below, if is at another location, use the pull down on the location window and select customer site.


  1. Next, click the “Start GEDI” option in the general tab.


  1. If this is the first time you’ve used the application, then the following screen will appear.  Enter your assigned ID and PW and press Continue (F7), next it will ask that you press any key, then press Continue again to log in. 


  1. The next screen that appears will be where you will be entering commands.



  1. Enter the following command into the command prompt: 

The #### represents the phone number that you will be changing the name for, then press the send(return) button.


  1. The next screen that appears one place where you will change the name.  Go to the field labeled Name: and enter the new name of the person the phone number is assigned to now.



  1. After entering the new name, press the enter(f3) button on the top of the window.


  1. Next go to the File pull down in the upper left and select exit.


  1. The next system that needs accessed to change a phone number associated with a name is the NetworkServices Access Data Base.  This can be obtained from any support person supporting phones or Voice Mail.  The file can also be obtained from \\diamond\UITwire\DMETZ\PHONERECOREDS.  The executable is called NetworkServices_fe.mdb.  Once setup start the application.


  1. Once the application is up, press the Edit / Add connections button and the following screen will appear.



  1. Next press the Filtered button at the bottom of the frmEntry window.  This will put you at the top of the list of phones. 


  1. At the Search field at the bottom of the window next to the search , enter the phone number that needs the name change and that record will be displayed as seen below:


  1. In the Name: field, enter the new name that will be associated with the phone number you entered.  Press the following button to exit.


  1. Next open your web browser and go to the Messaging Interaction Center Web Administration Login site at: https://voicemail.indwes.edu/micadmin/


The screen should look like the following:



  1. Login using the mic_admin id.  This can be obtained from any of the Phone or Voice Mail support staff.


  1. After logging in, press the Manager Users button:

  1. Click on the Extension Search button at the top of the screen.

  1. In the Search field, enter the voice mail extension to be changed and press enter.


  1. Next, press the Edit button to the right of the window as seen below.



  1. Now change the first and last name to be assigned to this voice mail number.

  1. Press the Login tab and click the following buttons as displayed below, also erase the existing passcode and set it the to default starting passcode of 1234.  Then press SAVE at the bottom of the window.



  1. Press the Voicemail tab button on the top of the window and then press the Delete Prompts buttons, this deletes the previous user prompts and readies the system for the new person to set up their personal prompts.  Then press SAVE at the bottom of the window.  



  1. At this last and final point, press the Interaction Message Store Settings tab button at the top of the window.  Press the Reset button. Then press SAVE at the bottom of the window.  You always want to be Saved.




  1. Contact user and inform of name change completion, new password and any instruction that might be needed to get them started with using Voice Mail.  Also send them the "Getting Started with your IWU Phone" insructions.


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Dan Adkins

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