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Voice Mail Admin / MIC - Java Error

Error Message:

  1. Users will get a message indicating that you have a Java error when trying to access:


  1. The screen will look like the following, the red shaded area will be where the Java error message will appear.




  1. Start a Remote Desktop Connection to lilac.iwunet.indwest.edu ( and use the mic_admin id to log in.


  1. Click on the Services icon on the desktop, or goto Start, Administrative Tools, then Services.


  1. Scroll down until you see the service name IIS Admin Service and click once on that entry.  (See Below) 

  1. To the left of the Services window you will see the options to Stop, Pause and Restart.  (See Below)        



  1. Click the Restart button and the service will stop and restart.
  2. Goto web browser and log into Message Interaction Center again to verify Java message is gone and you can now log in. 

NOTE: You may have to close the browser and re-open on step 8 if you still cannot log back into system.



Dan Adkins




Dan Adkins, Mark Atkins, Brian Israel

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