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Voice Mail Notification to Email (MIC)


  1. the Messaging Interaction Center Web Administration Login site at: https://voicemail.indwes.edu/micadmin/


The screen should look like the following:



  1. Login using the mic_admin id.  This can be obtained from any of the Phone or Voice Mail support staff.


  1. After logging in, press the Manager Users button:


  1. Click on the Extension Search button at the top of the screen.


  1. In the Search field, enter the voice mail extension to be changed and press enter.


  1. Next, press the Edit button to the right of the window as seen below.


  1. The next screen that will appear will look like the following.  Press the “Open User’s MIC Web Access” button at the bottom of the window.





  1. A screen like the following will appear.  If the information on the screen looks like the customer already has the items set up as in the area circled, then nothing else needs performed. and you can end the process here.  If the “Forward Copy” Interaction Rule is not setup, go to next step.




  1. If the screen looks like the one below, then the rule need created to have a Voice Mail message/notification sent to a email account. Press either button that is circled to start the new rule creation process.  




  1. After pressing the button to create a new rule and the following screen will appear.  The “Forward Copy” button should be selected, then press “Continue” in the lower right of the window.




  1. The next screen will have a numerous fields, but only one will need changed.  First verify that the first item in this screen has the Rule Name of “Forward Copy”.  Next, you will need to scroll down about half way through the list of options until you find the section that looks like the picture below. There you can enter in your email address.  There is also an Address button where you can look up your email address if needed.



  1. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the window and press the save button.  After pressing the save button, the next screen will be as you saw in Step 8 and you should have a rules with the name of Forward Copy as shown below. 




  1. This is the end of the process.



Dan Adkins




Dan Adkins, Mark Atkins, Corey Rockey

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