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iPrism System Information

System Information:

  • Edgewave iPrism model 500H sits inline, filtering all Internet traffic.
    • iprismschool.iwunet.indwes.edu
    • Serial # 44037
    • Licensing expires 2016-02-14


  • Nintendo Wii (and other systems) can be set to proxy their Internet connection through iPrism by setting proxy settings to


  • iPrism forwards reporting data to iPrism Enterprise Reporting Server (ERS)
    • (URL for Diagnostics)
    • (URL for Config)
    • (URL for Reporting)
    • iprismers.iwunet.indwes.edu
    • Serial # 90207
    • Reporting data is indexed overnight


  • sends reports in .csv format weekly to John Jones (EmpBlocked)
  • Reports are run manually (roughly weekly) on iprismers, for TopBlockedStudents.  This report is generated to .pdf.  From this report, detail reports on the top 10 students are also generated to .pdf.  Each of these is placed into a folder named by date on \\Red\Iprism, and an email is sent to Andrew Parker with a link to the folder.



  • Edgewave support contact information:
    • edgewave.com/support/default.asp
    • Online chat (available at the above link) is a quick way to ask questions.
    • 1-858-676-5050


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