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List Serves


Various lists used by groups on campus.


Two different servers use Mercury Mail  (LISTOUT and VM6)


Listserves are on VM6 > Mercury Mail

Goes through Virtual Center Console > VM6 console.

Login as webhead

Could run as service - we have license but no approval to shutdown and change.


Restore group memberships

Brought back lists (apps - Mercury)

Restore MLF files. 

Another note:  VM6 > Configure> Lists> Mailing LIsts>

File> Hit > Alt + F, Alt + Exit, Ctrl

Only way to exit VM6 is to click exit while holding control key

Next Observation: For Listserves/Lists VM6 > C$ > Apps> Mercury> Lists> MLF files


Under folder faculty

To change caps.ug.MLF copy to desktop > rename to old> copy to with changes to send email out.




LISTOUT - only used as SMTP

Open relay for specific IP addresses - used for mass mailings

Nate or Bill capture IP and create static IP for user to use this

Logon to LISTOUT > All programs > Mercury for Win32 > Configuration > Mercury SMTP server > okay > connection control > add restriction from field  > put new IP # nothing in to field

Allow connections

  • Connect this address range
  • Connect
    • All exempt

Every form on every webpage uses LISTOUT



Support Center will call and say that someone needs to be added

If user has laptop that need to send they need to shut off wireless before they send

These are the steps to resolve the problem. Describe fixes for known errors and give error recovery steps. Offer actions to correct the problem. 

If problem with LISTOUT use procedure to start/stop

Can't just quit Mercury Mail.

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