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RADIUS Restart



The following resets the Radius service residing at

  1. You must have an ID on  Current users that can execute root commands are:
    • Bill Emmett        
    • Jack Alexander  
    • Dan Adkins         
    • Brian Israel
  2. SSH into  Putty or another package can be used.  Logging into a system that has access to the Radius server can be logged into and then SSH to Radius.
  3. Once logged into Radius perform the following at the command line:
    1. sudo su root
    2. cd /usr/local/bin
    3. ./restart_radiussvc.sh
      1. You will get a number of message that indicate the services are being stopped and started
  4. Now verify that through the Radius Log that uses are able to authenticate.


  1. Go To:
  2. Verify that users are getting “Access-Accept” replies on their Radius Requests



 5.    If you are getting the following, then restarting the services did not fix the problem. Proceed to Step 6 to reboot the server.


  1. If you are not still logged into the machine and have root access, perform Step 3.a. then perform the following:
    1. Start a command line and do a continuous ping of the Radius Server
      1. Ping –t
      2. At the screen you are logged into Radius, perform the following command:
        1. /sbin/shutdown –r now


  1. The continuous ping started on the Radius should now stop responding, it will take several minutes for server to shutdown and reboot.  When the server is responding to pings again, perform the verifications in Step 4.  Stop the continuous ping.



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July 18, 2014

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