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SSL Certificate


Current certification valid until July 14th, 2012.


System will stop working if you do not renew before deadline. 


These are the steps to resolve the problem.


  1. Open up Exchange Management Console.  Click on server configuration It will list two servers that are exchange servers.  Choose ORANGE .  Below it will list certificates.  Double click on any of these to see when it expires.  Delta is the one used by everyone from outside.  This will show you the valid dates.  In the actions pane under DELTA you will see the actions.  The first one to choose is "renew certificate".  This creates a renew request for Verisign.  Go to Verisign and submit the request to renew the certificate.  They will send the actual certificate.
  2. Second step - Once this certificate has been issued we have to import the certificate into the Exchange system.
  3. Third step - export ticket out of exchange 2010 to old legacy system.


Dennis emailed renewal request to Brian Israel on 6/14/12

SSL Certifiation renwal under Procedures/Exchange

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